Chuyat not yapping..what does this mean??

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Pats726, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Pats726

    Pats726 Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    I's quiet...Branch's agent hasn't said a peep in the last few days...Has he wised up?? Are they talking again..or are they just entrenched and waiting a next move....
  2. desi-patsfan

    desi-patsfan In the Starting Line-Up

    Maybe Deion wised up and roped in his agent.
  3. sarge

    sarge Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Perhaps he has seen how well his methods have gone over with the fans and decided it would be better for him and his client if he shut his mouth rather then come across like a whiney baby crying that his client would not be able to make ends meet on 6 mil a year.
  4. arrellbee

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    Don't forget - it's all about re$pect.
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  5. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    He's still talking but to Curren...and the rhetoric is racheted down a notch. Still no progress though...

    "Jason Chayut , the agent for Branch, said yesterday he believes the Patriots will fine the wide receiver the maximum amount allowed by the league for players who fail to report. That's $14,000 per day. Chayut said he hasn't received a bill yet (that's not the way it works, apparently). Nor has there been any movement on a deal getting done. If the Pats are charging full freight, Branch is up to $56,000 in fines already. . . . "
  6. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    Don't worry, once Borges needs another article, he'll call up Chayut and stir up the bee's nest. :mad:

    Even talking to Curran in details, such as speculating whether Deion is being fined or not, is probably more than needs be said. But it is one step better than slamming Bioli, for sure.

    I still would like to believe that Branch will tell Chayut to 'cool it' if Branch realizes exactly what is being said in the newspapers. He should put Chayut under a muzzle, and hopefully he will realize that soon.
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  7. Pats726

    Pats726 Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    I agree..ramping it down quickly MAY be the first step..but I still see the ball in Branch's court...he's under contract NOT reporting..until he reports..then if I were the Pats, I would NOT talk or forward anything...
  8. fgssand

    fgssand Supporter Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    Please take all the Deion Branch articles, editorials, message board discussions, radio talk show material, ESPN and other TV media pieces and couple it with the free time on Deions hands and he has to be aware of all that is being said about him.

    Deion could end this now, come out ahead (by signing what we offered) if he wanted too. The fact that he hasn't, baffles me.

    What is he thinking and who is advising him? I really thought Deion was smarter than he is exhibiting through this.
  9. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    Come to think of it, the fact that the Pats have not contacted Chayut about the daily fine is a good sign if you are willing to believe that the Pats would rather give Branch a chance to have a change of heart and meekly come back to camp on his own, BEFORE Bioli gets into the real ammo by way of the daily fine.

    I wouldn't doubt that Bioli would overlook the fine if Branch simply gets his behind into camp.

    The silence treatment from Bioli is no doubt due to the inappropriate things that Chayut said thru Borges.

    There is an old salesman term about 'whoever talks first after the proposal is made will be the guy who gives in'. That appears to be Chayut. He is going to Curran and simply making up speculation about 'probably' being fined because he's got nothing else to say.
  10. BelichickFan

    BelichickFan B.O. = Fugazi Supporter

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    Deion needs to get with the program or move on. I want him on the team but with the RB and TE we have, I would have no qualms with trading him. None.

    With Jackson, Caldwell, Brown, the TE and the newfound depth at RB, I am ready to go. If we could trade cheap for a veteran WR who could be ready to go fully by midseason, all the better.

    My first preference is to get Deion in but if not I bet there's a team out there who'd give up some good draft picks at this point and by this time next week I would move on that.
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  11. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    fgssand: I understand what you are saying, but the only really explosive thing that Chayut said was in the Borges article, as far as I can tell.

    If Deion shows up for camp in a week or so, all this will blow over for most of us, including Bioli, and most of us will root for him to have a good year.

    A few of us will call him scum. That's just the way it goes.
  12. fgssand

    fgssand Supporter Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    Deion is one of my favorite players. I tend to come down on the side of the player, in terms of having no problem with the terrific salaries and bonus they receive, when they get their due. I just think Deion is going too far, primarily because of the offer I see from his agent as well as the fact he is not a free agent. Calling him scum was way over the line, especially coming from a poster that is a huge Pats fan no less.

    I do think it will end ,sooner, rather than later and yes, all will be forgiven and I will cheer him on.
  13. spacecrime

    spacecrime Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    The longer it goes, the less likely it will blow over and be forgotten. We can cheer good plays and still not like the guy, you know. If Ty had come back, I would cheer what he did well, but still think he is a jerk.

    Branch isn't Seymour, and he isn't handling it like Seymour. He better have a careeer best year when he gets back, that's all I can say, or he will be catching flack from a lot of us.

    Right now, I am hoping Branch comes back, plays his year without an extension. If he does really well, franchise him for a year. Then let him go. But that's just me right now. Things change all the time. I reserve the right to change with them if he gets really nasty or turns into Stanley Morgan.
  14. Pats726

    Pats726 Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    Trade for HIM?? Nahh..not at this point..ONLY if the team got a SOLID GOOD offer...if yes..then maybe..but to dangle him out there?? no..the team will get little..and then the next one will do the same..Branch wants his money and he should have to wait IF he is NOT being reasonable..
  15. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but he is only being offered a 3 year deal. That may be his biggest beef.

    If I were him, I would want a 5-6 year deal. The signing bonus would be a little bigger too, due to the length of the overall contract.

    But at this point, the Pats aren't blinking. Chayut is.
  16. 14thDragon

    14thDragon Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I think all reports have been for a four year deal.

    Which is good for Branch, since he can pretty much assure himself of seeing all of the money.
  17. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    Oh yeah! 3 year EXTENSION, which means four year deal. My bad!
  18. upstater1

    upstater1 Pro Bowl Player

    The money should be more than adequate. 6.3m per? What's the hold up?

    I'm guessing that Branch also wants an extra year at that same rate, but for the Patriots to do that, they also have to pony up a lot more than $8 signing bonus, or else they can cut him if he doesn't perform. That's what this is about. He wants 4 extra years GUARANTEED.

    From looking at this from the outside, it seems to me that the Patriots are paying him a premium (i.e. more than he deserves) in return for a shorter contract.
  19. primetime

    primetime Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    The problem becomes that he'd still want 7 million a year and lots of up front/guaranteed money from whoever he is traded to. I doubt there's a team in the league willing to pony up his value to the Patriots in draft picks (a high first) or veterans (a guy who can match or exceed his production) in exchange for a receiver who wants alot more than he is, production-wise, worth (seeing as how he has yet to record a 1000 yard season, and has only played in 16 games in one season).
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  20. BelichickFan

    BelichickFan B.O. = Fugazi Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    In theory I agree with you but there always seems to be a team out there willing to pay.

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