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    FA Players are free to make choices. That is their right, and I understand (a little) about getting every dollar you possibly can. But sometimes I do wonder why when players get a LOT of money, they choose to get even more money but get less fun out of life.

    Here's how Evans feels and how Givens would feel if he took the Pats $20 million:

    Running back Heath Evans
    (On being on the side winning side of close game wins)
    "When I was running off field today and talking to Junior Seau, I said, 'Aren’t you glad we are finally a part of these things?' For years you watch these games and you are puzzled at the end of games thinking 'how do they do this?' Being here I still don’t know how we do it but we just seem to get it done. Its fun doing things as a team and walking off the field with a lot of pride for your team instead of a quarterback, running back, or a linebacker."

    Instead Givens is part of a losing fraternity, but with $25 million.

    Me, the only reason to have lots of money is to use it to have lots of fun. I can't see taking the second choice. On the other hand, I have heard that whoever dies with the most money wins, so there is that.
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    I saw that quote and loved it.

    For all the flack that the FO gets about free agents, I think it's clear that players will still want to come here.

    Not all of them, certainly not those me-first types. But we'll still get our share of Patriots-type guys. And that's a great thing.

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