Childress makes an interesting point in his press conference (5 reciever sets)

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    After the game a reporter asked if the Patriots had shown the rest of the league how to beat the Vikings and his response was something to the affect of " If another team has the personnel to come out and do that, then I would say that is the way to beat us."
    I am sure his comment had a lot to do with how well Brady played, but it got me to thinking that you have to have 5 capable recievers to pull that off as well. While the Patriots may not have the top flight reciever like so many teams covet, they are probably stonger 1-5 than most teams in the NFL. It is funny how a few weeks can make one position go from a real weak point to a position of good production and good depth. I think Cincy and Seattle has 3 really good recievers, but after that they are weak at TE. Indy was at least 4 deep until stokley went down, but other than that I don't see teams with the ability to throw it to 10 different guys and worry about a dropoff in production. Obviously Brady makes these guys look this good, but shouldn't that be the same case in Cincy or Philly or Seattle.

    Chad Jackson has a chance to be a special player if he continues to make football his #1 priority

    Gabriel for a 5th was an amazing trade.

    Caldwell is a younger version of troy Brown

    Watson continues to climb the ladder of top recieving TE's in this league

    Troy Brown continues to amaze me and still is one of the best possesion recievers in the league

    The runningbacks can all catch the ball out of the backfield and Maroney is becoming very scary on those screens.

    Gaffney and Thomas have shown they can get open and I only expect them to get better with time.

    Dan Graham is a more than adequete recieving tight end when given the opportunity.
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    I posted a thread with Tony Massarotti's article from this morning's Herald. In it Darren Sharper had a quote that sums up why we can do what we do. Having a QB who will work with and utilize all levels of talent and has the field vision to hit the open receiver whomever he may be is rare. We've seen him do it with the occasional street FA in a pinch. Doing it with a second tier cast assembled between March and September, and nurturing them into potentially something much more, is what makes Tommy the rarest of the rare.

    “I don’t think anybody else can do what he did,†Minnesota safety Darren Sharper said. “Brady just drives that ship. You look at the talented players he has around him - there might be other names - but he’s the guy driving the bus.â€

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