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    From CHFF Dungy really comes across as the rock of ages that held together the Colts as they walked through the valley of elimination. It was never as dark for the team as it was late in the first half of the AFC title game.

    The Colts were down 21-3, they were moving backwards on offense, and it just seemed like it was all going to end badly for them, as it had so many years in a row.

    Saturday said that everyone on the team had doubts at that point ... everyone but Dungy.

    The coach hung tough, telling his team at that point, "It's still our time ... I promise you we're going to win this game."

    Said Saturday: "He stuck with it longer than I would have."

    "If (Dungy) believes it, we should believe it," added Manning.

    Contrast Dungy and the Colts showing character and leadership down 21-3 against a team that has OWNED you in the Championship game with LT's morose defeatist quitter attitude. The Colts had great character and great leadership. It taks that quality to defeat a great team like the Patriots, one reason I no longer worry about the Bolts at all.

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