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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Miguel, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. Miguel

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    Pet Peeve of mine is when I see a stat flashed that does not include how a player did in a postseason and does not make it clear that it refers just to regular-season games.

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    Look at the information provided in the Patriots-Colts game.
  2. Mike the Brit

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    I'm with you and your peeve -- and it's even more annoying when you think why.

    There are two reasons for stats: one is to help you break down team performance and understand strengths and weaknesses, the other is for bragging rights. If you're interested in the first, then, of course, play-offs matter (what matters more?!) but if you're in some "who had the most yards/touchdowns/interceptions" competition, it's true that you want to compare an even number of games.

    I assume that you (like me) are interested in analysing performance.
  3. jmt57

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    Then there is also a third reason: rather than using statistics to form an opinion, instead have an agenda and then search for statistics that validate your point of view. In this case, to make mention of those other facts (the playoff kicks) would have trivialized the agenda (you need to watch - this is something really big and special, it's been such a very long time!) and made the commentary meaningless.
  4. Sicilian

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    Sports are multi-billion dollar businesses because they appeal to a broad range of audiences. You don't get that broad range unless you have stories to tell and amazing "facts" to overcome. Adam Vinatieri kicking his first 50+ yarder in 7 years to beat his old team in a must win is a much more enticing idea to the nation.

    It's the same reason people don't understand how teams like the Cowboys, Colts (most years), Chargers, etc, don't win the super bowl every year with their big numbers and pro bowl players. The truth (defense, special teams, and TEAMWORK win championships) isn't sexy.

    Stats can be easily manipulated to create better stories and boost ratings. They should never be taken at face value.
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