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    first off, the draft wasnt a dissapointment to me at all...i thought about it long and hard last night and this is my basic analysis....

    next.... WE JUST GOT F'in RANDY MOSS ...ill go out on a limb and say hes the most physically gifted receiver EVER...what the hell are teams going to do when they double team moss and stallworth is on single coverage on the other side...oh and dont forget welker running around like a madman..

    - Pick 28: we could have had any number of different players here...david harris even (supposedly everybody thought wewanted him). The pats simply thought the pick would be more valuable next year (plus what are the chances of this pick being anywhere close to 28 next year - my guess is they wont make the playoffs, id guess around pick # 17) GOOD VALUE.

    i think with all our offseason aquisitions maybe Pioli and BB thought we should wait for a few guys to leave Via FA to sign more #1 draft choices....just a hunch...would have liked a CB or LB but who cares

    - enough has been said about merriweather...hes a stud and hes going to be GREAT...

    Late round picks....Honestly i dont think many of these players are going to make the roster...think about it...we still have guys like kelly washington, mel mitchell, wilie andrews, adalius thomas that are great ST players...maybe one of these linemen will stick...

    i give the draft an A....gota look past us only having one pick in the first few rounds
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    You don't need to convince me, baby. We're a way better team than last year (even if we have the same number of injuries) and have two #1s, a #2 and two #3s next year. This team is like the gift that keeps on giving.
  3. chunkypony

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    Just think about Watson running down the seam. No more double teams for him.

    And Maroney on screens. No one will even be looking for that anymore.
  4. sebman2112

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    I think Kareem Brown will be fine/good. Justin Rogers, and Justise Hairston could surprise. I was talking to someone from texas last night, and they watched Justin play. That person told me he thinks NE might have found a diamond in the rough with Rogers, and if you look at his performance in the Texas vs the nation game, his stats, and his agility test it suggest they just might have. I'm just wondering if he'll play ILB or OLB. I'm also interested to see what Oscar Lua does. He's a good run stuffer, with good recognition skills. Obviously he's had injurie, and he's not the fastest LB, but he's not a bad LB.
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