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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Hendrix, May 16, 2006.

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    +0 / 0 / -0 friend and I recently created

    It's a site dedicated to all those obscure baseball players that will make you laugh even if their name is Ron Hassey, Terry Pendleton, Tim Belcher, Jeff Blauser, Dave Martinez, etc.

    Right now we only have 500 players in the database, but we're adding more all the time. We have their basic info in (height, weight, birthdates, etc), but we're adding in which teams they've been on, their nicknames, what they're famous for, etc..then hopefully later their year by year statistics (this is dependant on about one thing actually..technical thing).

    You can also rate how obscure each player is 1-10...10 being extremely obscure, 1 not being very obscure. We also have forums.

    We're also working on the design for the player card pages, search pages, and player pages and stuff to make it look a little better, so don't worry about that.

    For the future:
    1) Random obscure facts, such as who the first player to wear glasses as a pitcher was.
    2) Random obscure quotes, like the PA announcer for the twins saying "there will be an EXPLOSION in 10 minutes" to the crowd after a bomb threat.
    3) User comments on each player's playercard.
    4)We plan on selling shirts for certain obscure players, possibly based on user input. Where else could you get a GEAUX DEVEREAUX shirt for Mike Devereaux? Or a Dwight Evans shirt?
    5) Obscure Watch -- Guys who started within 5 years ago who still play, who we think will be obscure in 20 years.
    6)See who was born in the same place, who have teams in common, etc.
    7)Who the most and least obscure players are based on user votes.
    8) Images for each player......and in the players page, you can sort by last name letter

    Anyway, tell me what you guys like and don't like. Also, I'm taking recommendations for any obscure people that should be on the list, especially anybody before about 1986 or 1987...especially from the 60's and 70's though.

    Thanks Very Much!
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    #11 Jersey

    You just need obscure players? Heck, any guy who collected baseball cards, like me, as a kid can help you out there.

    Rusty Kuntz - White Sox -- Great name. The winner of my fantasy football league receives the Rusty Kuntz memorial trophy.
    Kurt Bevaqua - Padres -- Better known for being mentioned in one of those old ESPN "The Rick" commercials.
    Joe Beckwith - Dodgers -- The last card I needed for my complete 1981 Topps set, all gotten the hard way, via the wax pack.
    Roger LaFrancois - Red Sox -- Backup catcher. Enjoyed the PA announcer saying his name when he came up to bat.
    Dave Radar - Red Sox -- Another backup catcher. The only player in the league with a palindromic name.
    Jim Bouton - Pilots -- Wrote one of the all-time great sports books, Ball Four.

    And so on.
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    I would suggest broadening your definition of "obscurity" and possibly including some of the teams from baseball's past and anything and everything that falls under "obscurity" in baseball

    The Providence Grays and other pro and semi-pro teams are today very much obscure but still interesting

    (and how many people know that Babe Ruth played for Providence?)

    Anything and everything you can do to give your website broader appeal is a plus - and giving it local connections with baseball towns throughout the nation is a good way to proceed, so that you can benefit from the "free" press of pitching story ideas to the local press

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