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    Potpourri of infrographics...

    #1.I found this one through the WSJ, originating at NPR (something for everybody, conspiracy-theory wise).

    This one's probably the most non-partisan and least bickery, lots of actual edumacation:

    Campaign Finance 2012: Where Your Money Can Go : NPR


    #2Here's the reason Obama's folks keep explaining he's not spending that damn much money. Surprisingly, the answer is because he's not - not on anything he came up with anyway (chart is as of 2011; I am glad to discuss new spending that the Republican House and the Republican-filibustered Senate has approved since that time):


    #3Here's a chart for which audience self-identifies as D and R by news outlet (ex., Washington Post/NYT are over at the 55%D / 25% R end. It appears that Dems will watch/read Fox/Washington Times, but not vice versa)...


    #4Buy Gold! Buy Equities!... no, buy candidates. You know they're getting their money's worth:


    #5 "Our goal is to make Barack Obama a one-term president"... does that mean even when it means your obstruction will purposely hurt the economy? Of course it does!


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