Charles Grant,Lance Briggs,Asante Samuel..Are they talking amongst each other?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOT64, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. PATRIOT64

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    I would not be surprised if these 3 guys had a 3 way conversation over the phone or in emails discussing how they want to sit out the season after being tagged and not getting enough money or a big contract encouraging each other to do so...This franchise thing is nothing more than a way to keep a player until you can trade his negative ass for more draft picks,more than often thats what it is now...

    Thats what the Franchise tag has become nothing more,nothing less - Just heartaches for Fans and reality that Pro Football is not really a game or even sport competition anymore when you think about it - Its a business like any other - PERIOD!.

    Do you think Lance Briggs was pissed at what Adalius got here?
    Do you think Charles Grant was pissed at what Pat Kerney got?
    Do you think Asante was pissed at what Nate Clements and Dre Bly got?

    I wish Dwight Freeney would have joined them in a 4 way discussion,it would be nice to have a top Colts player mad too :D
  2. SeanBruschi54

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    Apparently Freeney and the Colts are very far apart on a deal and he will more than likely play for the franchise tag and leave the next year, hopefully for his sake, without the tag. The Colts would just tag him again and trade him in that regard.
  3. BelichickFan

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    It's a bargaining chip. By Franchising Briggs the Bears were offered the #6 pick for Briggs and #31 . . . we can only hope we get such an offer.
  4. PATRIOT64

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    True maybe we will,but this year the Franchise Tag looks more like just a holding cell for a criminal until a bigger and better jail cell is available to move him into :D .
  5. PATRIOT64

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    The Colts usually keep their best players unless the Cap room makes it impossible like with Harper and Doss,Reagor,Stokely ect this year.

    Hate to say it but yes,Bill Polian is the best in the business and if he thinks Freeney is a 'no way we can lose him player',theres absolutely no way they won't make a deal somehow next year to keep him,Polian is one of few who can somehow find a way to keep a team together many years under the cap era.
  6. SeanBruschi54

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    If we do that is just ignorant managing by the whole redskins organization.

    If i were a fan of the skins and saw that deal offered i would be amazed how ignorant my team can be.
  7. SeanBruschi54

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    But when is enough enough?

    they can only keep so many players like that until they cant afford them all.

    If they pay Freeney what happens with Sanders? Same with Clark in another year.
  8. BelichickFan

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    I'm not saying we would get that offer but CB is a more valued position than OLB, I think Samuel's value should be on the same order of magnitude as Briggs.
  9. PATRIOT64

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    The problem with hating the Colts is even when they lose top players,Polian is such a genius when it comes to drafting,he usually picks the best guy for the job to replace the lost player (Edgerrin James/Joseph Addai for example) - Its moves like he does that has kept this team unbelievably competitive every year since he took over the GM reigns 7 years ago in Indy.

    No matter what anyone says if Maroney and Addai were still on the board for the Colts last year in round one I am not so sure Maroney would have been picked over Addai,Its not a sure fire conclusion.

    Look at what the squabble was about when they Picked James over Williams that 1 year - What they got was a HOF type runner while the other guy was running with the 'doobie brothers' somewhere in columbia or wherever he escaped to for a year.
  10. SeanBruschi54

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    The statement remains.:D

    We shall see. I agree that drafting is a major part of it but we shall see. He is very good at drafting though.
  11. PATRIOT64

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    Yes he is indeed

    In my order of drafting geniuses regarding the talents of GMs/FOs its...

    1) Indianapolis - Bill Polian
    2) New England - Scott Pioli
    3) San Diego - A.J. Smith (Bobby Beathard was a genius as well a few years or so ago for them too)
    4) Pittburgh - The Rooneys are the best family built run organization in all of sports and in the top 4 in the NFL when it comes to drafting IMO

    Everyone else is an Also-Ran IMO
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  12. Jimke

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    I'm sure that all franchise players want to be signed to a long term deal

    ASAP. The longer a deal takes, the less salary cap money is available.

    Asante is complaining now because the draft is fast approaching. It

    is his first opportunity to be traded and obtain his new contract. Once

    the draft is over, the Pats have until July 15th to strike a deal. Assante

    can't afford to take the chance of playing under a one year contract.

    If his interceptions go down, so does his value.
  13. dryheat44

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    Ummm....I don't know anyone who isn't a Colts fan who would make that claim. Ask any fan of any NFL team or any local or national writer and 95% of them will tell you that BB/SP is the best in the biz.....let's see, 3 Super Bowl wins and one more AFCC appearance vs. 1 Super Bowl win and one more AFCC appearance....and a track record of high octane teams getting bounced early in the playoffs.

    Question: If the Ravens or the Patriots (or the Bears) had beat the Colts this year, would you still think so? How much weight do you give their most recent game?

    If I were to correct your statement, it would say that Polian is one of few who can somehow find a way to keep an offense together.....

    The Colts hemorrhage defensive players every year.
  14. spacecrime

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    I agree with how competitive Polian kept his team. You just can't argue against those three superbowls the Colts won in the last seven years.

    Seriously, why I Polian a better team builder that Pioli? The Colts were not in bad shape when he took over, not like the pats were in 2000 when BB/SP showed up. Besides, Polian has driven the Colts to a point where they have no more cap money to improve and the Pats started this year and last with about $30 mil to spend.

    Delete Smith and add Ozzie Newsome. Drop Polian to the bottom of the list. He is good, but not better than the job BB/SP did since 2000, or that Newsome did when the Ravens cut 19 of 22 starters, or the the Steelers have done year after year.

    When all is said and done, the Patriots will be viewed as a dynasty, and the Colts as a flash in the pan.
  15. frankiesfly

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    I think this might be a case of paranoia?
  16. PATRIOT64

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    I call it as I see it and by the way I am the Biggest Patriots fan I know and I HATE the Colts so there is absolutely no love there at all.
  17. AzPatsFan

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    The Colts are in a unique position. They don't have to sign or draft any Defensive players. When you rank 32nd in D, and still win the Super bowl :

    Why waste time on any Defense?

    Polian has just shown a new route to winning.

    Recipe: 1 QB. 2WRs, 1 TE and a RB and a LOT. You don't need anything more...

    Letting Reagor, Simon, June, Harper, Doss and ??? go is just the final implementation of the policy.
  18. dryheat44

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    Yes. It's worked exactly once in six years he's followed that plan.

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