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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Nordberg, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. Nordberg

    Nordberg Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    It's only one pre season game....and I don't want to get to crazy with this. looks like we might finally have that guy on the defensive line we have been praying for BB to draft for years.....

    He was an absolute beast.......

    Reminds me of Alden Smith (49ers) a bit.
  2. Brady_to_Moss

    Brady_to_Moss Butler Island is here Supporter

    #95 Jersey

    still wayyy too early..but he looked great
  3. Marqui

    Marqui In the Starting Line-Up

    I was impressed by how polished he looked rushing even when standing up.
  4. Joey007

    Joey007 In the Starting Line-Up

    #91 Jersey

    I've heard Jones did pretty good. How did Hightower perform I wasn't watching the game.
  5. Nordberg

    Nordberg Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    He looked very good as long as he knew where the play was going. Looked a little bit tentative on other plays.
  6. Brady_to_Moss

    Brady_to_Moss Butler Island is here Supporter

    #95 Jersey

    chandlers arms are ******* long
  7. Thirdbasekid24

    Thirdbasekid24 On the Game Day Roster

    #24 Jersey

    His brother Jon has an 84.5in reach. Runs in the family.
  8. sly24

    sly24 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    It is, but he is further along than I thought he would be to be honest!
  9. Ifleninwasawizard

    Ifleninwasawizard On the Roster

    Another thing to think about is that Jones and Bushrod having probably been working against each other for the past two days. I could be wrong, but shouldn't that have given Bushrod the advantage. You would think the 6 year veteran would learn more about the rookie than the other way around.

    None of this really means anything now, but if Jones makes a habit of manhandling good tackles our d will have to be taken a lot more seriously.
  10. Joker

    Joker Supporter Supporter

    just got back to the south shore here in RI...sat in 309 with a whole bunch of crazies...after the game we sat around waiting for th traffic to let up and somebody broke out the post game stats on a laptop...Jones-2 tackles, 1 pressure...heh...mass hysterical laughter ensued...yeah...those refs were horrid's the first preseason game which means one thing, get out of it with no injuries and get the first team some early game reps and sit back and watch the clusterfack...but CJ jumped out of the pack on the field...he has that "it", this kid's arms are like firehouses...and he has all kinds of moves I didn't see in the two practices I caught the past week.

    Hightower is obviously an NFL player but he made some hits where he didn't wrap up, he just blasted the the NFL they keep going if you don't wrap...Brady made a nice surgical strike to LLoyd called back because of a hold on Solder..on replay on the I Phone it look like a WTF call...those refs were terrible...making all those weird calls slowed both teams down...I don't see the point of making your presence as a zebra known over the idea that it's the first preseason game where both coaches want to see if their first team performs with essence, we really didn't get any real sense of where the first team offense is...besides the obvious missed assignments.I hope JMT or somebody else writes up a detailed breakdown.

    Oh, just one other note, I look at the thread list and I see no mention of Mesko...this kid is great...he made some fantastic directional punts look easy tonight.
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  11. ausbacker

    ausbacker Brady > Manning. Supporter

    #87 Jersey

    It was pleasing to see Jones make that sort of debut even if it was a meaningless pre-season game against a half arsed opposition. However, whoever put those stats down is an idiot. Jones was everywhere and he was a disruptive force. Pre-season game or not even Stevie Wonder could see that.

    Regarding Mesko, great comment. He's become a weapon for the Patriots. It's nice to have that type of certainty in the kicking game.
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  12. cmasspatsfan

    cmasspatsfan In the Starting Line-Up

    Hes all ass and arms, hes made to play football.
  13. JMarr

    JMarr In the Starting Line-Up

    Said this guy could be "the one" the minute I heard the pick.

    "Disruptive force?" My memory isn't good, but besides Seymour and Vince I'd have to say McGinest was the last guy that truly fit that description. So, if true (and yes it is early), that's roughly seven seasons this defense has lacked a true playmaker and feared pass rusher at LB. Think about that. Colvin and Vrabel were good, but not quite in the same league as the top guys that have been out there.

    Coincidentally, no championships since Willie left. My hopes are sky high for Jones after watching college highlights, and when I hear about his apparent instinctiveness, coachability, work effort, and look at his measurables.

    I could be wrong and he could bust, but this freakin defense has been mired in mediocrity since the dynasty years and I'm putting my chips on this guy.
  14. RelocatedPatFan

    RelocatedPatFan In the Starting Line-Up

    Based on peoples comments (didn't see much of the game), but his binkie count probably just skyrocketed. Though BB probably isn't gvetting him fitted for his HoF jacket quite yet, so I'm sure he'll hear how he can improve.
  15. DarrylS

    DarrylS Supporter Supporter

    Nice, know you are old school so you remember when our kicking game was an adventure.. missed snaps, crappy kicks and new kicker a week. This is a very basic NFL need that we do not even discuss any more, our cadre of ST specialista are just steady, steady and consistent.

    Noted that every break BB was talking with the officials, the season is too important to use substitutes who do not know the NFL game.. Goodell settle that mess so we have the quality we are used to....

    You did not mention Chandler Jones, who was in one word impressive..
  16. Not fire hoses?
  17. resdubwhite

    resdubwhite In the Starting Line-Up

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    great to hear he had a great game.

    now let it continue into the season.

    well done Chandler. great start.
  18. randomk1

    randomk1 In the Starting Line-Up

    #12 Jersey


    Anybody wanna take a guess at what his weight is right now? There is no way that he is at that listed 260 pounds.

    Anyways...i'm quite excited to get a look at future jet great Coples tonight. Anybody with me?
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  19. mayoclinic

    mayoclinic Supporter Supporter

    It's obviously early, but very encouraging. I didn't get to see the game, but it sounds like Mayo was also very active and more of a playmaker than he has been in the past. The nice is is that there are potentially 3-4 real playmakers on the front 6-7: Wilfork, Jones, Mayo, and Hightower/Spikes. Having more than one playmaker up front really creates the potential for a disruptive defense. The better defenses in the league over the past several years have benefitted from having 3-4 playmakers in their front 7: San Francisco (Justin Smith, Patrick Willis, with Aldon Smith and Navarro Bowman emerging last year and taking them to the elite level), Baltimore (Haloti Ngata, Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs), Pittsburgh (James Harrison, LaMarr Woodley and Lawrence Timmons). IF Jones and Hightower progress and Mayo can take on more of a playmaking role, the potential for the defense is really exciting.
  20. zoostation

    zoostation In the Starting Line-Up

    Difficult to measure as he was moved to ILB when Fletcher went down. I'm sure most of his practice reps have been on the outside as that's where he started.
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