Chadiha: Patriots should stay away from Moss

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by primetime, Mar 7, 2007.

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    I think you can forget Stallworth..Donte will be leaving Tennessee with a contract and probably won't even make it to Miami...The Titans need a WR as much or more than any other team in the league and unlikely they will let him get away,We had our chance but came at an impass with him....its now Moss,Moulds or Washington as possibilities IF we continue a WR pursuit.
  3. MoLewisrocks

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    So when exactly did Belichick ever say he thinks he can reform Moss?
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    He didn't sign a contract with the Titans today. reports that he just visited them. If something was offered that he liked, chances are he would have signed it.
  6. BelichickFan

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    I think people are making things up again.
  7. PATRIOT64

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    I don't think he will get a decent offer from Miami either,I don't think Miami has the $$$ to offer..Best bet is he resorts back to Tenn where I think they can handle the contract he wants....If you ask me I think he may be a bit overated for the huge $$$$.
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    Who says Tenessee makes the biggest offer ? Do they want $10M or so tied up in Givens and Stallworth ? Maybe they do but there's a good chance they don't. It's very possible the Patriots will be competitive with their offer.

    On Moss - I agree - stay far away.
  9. PATRIOT64

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    I just think Tenessee is more desperate than alot of teams in the league right now at the WR position and may overpay in the long run....Can you actually say they have a decent WR on the team right now?

    As far as Moss I don't think we go after him,Kelley Washington IMO would make the smartest and cheapest contract of any WR out there right now in FA,He seems like he would fit well with the guys in the locker room and he would come to a team who has no player with a rap sheet...might take him some getting used to.
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    Yes, for all Floyd Reese's sins.
  11. ClevTrev

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    I find it fascinating that Chadiha and others think the Pats have their eyes on Moss.

    This could be one of the more notorious Trojan Horse plays the team has made. If I were Beoli, I'd provide nothing to dissuade other teams from thinking this while I went after the player(s) I really thought I could obtain to help the team.

    Here's why the Pats won't end up with Moss:

    1) They won't pay Moss what he wants or what his contract requires.

    2) They currently don't have the picks the Raiders want (They don't have a #2, don't see them trading a #1 for this crap-shoot of a player, and I don't see the Raiders taking anything less from the Pats).

    3) They don't want him - all comparisons of Moss to Dillon are baseless. Dillon never quit on his team, was a hard worker, and wanted to win. Moss is a different category of malcontent.

    It's beneficial for the Raiders to allow other teams to think there's interest in this player if they truly want to move him. Other Pats' competitors have adjusted their player acquisition strategies in the past based on what they thought the Pats wanted to do. This increases the perceived value for Moss. With little or no perceived value, Moss goes nowhere.

    This Moss to Pats thing is a myth.
  12. PATRIOT64

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    Moss would turn out just like his pal Gabriel...As soon as he blunders and is yelled at or disciplined he will go haywire,open his mouth in a derogatory way and be kicked off the team...Thats what I think happened with Gabriel and I think Randy would be the same way..Its the Raiders Way
  13. Box_O_Rocks

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    It can't be! There's all those Raider's marketing managers flooding the forum, surely they're visiting to help fans adjust to the overnight change in New England's fortunes?
  14. ClevTrev

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    Yeah, that's it! It's a transition service to help NE fans better understand Randy:

    "When he runs off the field during the start of a play, he's not REALLY quitting. He's looking for a coach's clipboard he can carry until he feels ready to get back to action."
  15. PatsDparty

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    Not sure why so many people assume stallworth wont sign here. Graham is from colorado, and I believe he visited other teams after his initial offer from Denver, and still signed with Denver. You don't get to be a free agent so often, so some guys like to enjoy the ride, get wined and dined, and then make a choice. Stallworth has nothing to lose (assuming the Pats don't get another receiver in the next few days and revoke the offer) by seeing what other teams have to offer.

    I believe he has stated that he wants to be an eagle first, and a patriot second. If the money is competitive from those sides, I would bet he would probably go to one of the two teams.
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    When thinking of Moss v. Stallworth, one should keep in mind that it's really more like Moss vs. Stallworth + the draft pick we save by not trading for Moss. So...Stallworth AND, say, Reggie Nelson...or Moss by himself?
  17. DarrylS

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    I don't see Moss in the Blue and Silver, it all looks like a healthy diversion by SP and BB, Moss could not adapt to our expectations as a player and would be ostracized in the locker room. This is only a distraction.

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