Chad Jackson,Seen Him?"

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  1. I know that Chad is currently on the PUP list,But I wasnt sure.Are these guys allowed to be on the sidelines during camp?If So,Does he look to be injured badly?Anyone know what the deal is with him,Would love to start hearing about him grabbing down some passes.Thanks.
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    I would think not. His agent said its not bad at to day. Hes came out and ran half speed routes I've heard not much else for the moment.
  3. RoughingthePasser

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    Don't worry....Chad will be back soon-pulled a hamie.
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    looks like he is on the field today (tue morning) along with brady. I am very glad to hear about this. There is always all this talk about rookie WR's having a tough transition and IMO he needs all the practice he can get this summer because he is going to be needed to contribute this year.
  5. Right on!! Glad to hear Chad warming up.Even better though,is Tommy back after having missed the last few practices.Thanks guys for the headsup.

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