Chad Jackson sat as a statement?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Old Town Pats, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Old Town Pats

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    In Belicheck's post game press conference The question was raised about Jackson to which he responded "We put our best 45 out there." I love Belicheck and I love the Patriot way of molding team character but this one may have cost us a game. I do not see how any of those WR's on the field Sunday could be in the "best 45" before Jackson. He has to be on the field next week PERIOD! McDaniels wake up and play your best WR's (Gabriel, Jackson)!
  2. desi-patsfan

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    Jackson not on the field cost us the game huh? It wasn the horrendous overthrow's by brady. Or the under throws. Or the no running game. Or the broken coverage that led to long TD. Look i dont why he was sat down. Maybe it was an attitude problem. But putting the whole thing in one WR is not accurate.
  3. BelichickFan

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    If he was only, say, 75% then he probably wasn't one of the top 45. And even if he still was there would be no point in risking him making it worse. Just relax, Belichick wants to win more than we do and if Jackson can help, he'll play.
  4. TomBrady'sGoat

    TomBrady'sGoat 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    This was already posted yesterday. The consensus was that BB always responds with "we play the best 45 guys" whether a guy is injured or having Bethel issues.
  5. mdhprime

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    None of us can say we know more about or can make better decisions about who to play than the coaching staff. Blaming the OC for not activating a player you want to see on the field is lazy thinking. All any of us can do is hazard a guess as to why he didn't play. I think there are two possibilities: 1.) Hamstrings can be notoriously tough to heal. Perhaps he had a bit of a setback during practice. 2.) The staff wanted to give some opportunities to other players who haven't been in the system that long to see what they could do (Gabriel and Smith.) These are just guesses, so take them as such.
  6. Old Town Pats

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    Give opportunities to other players??????? Gabriel playing one quarter is not giving opportunities. Wake up!!! My bashing of the OC is legitimate. We have scored a grand total of 50 points in 3 games. 2 of those points were from the Defense so we are averaging 16 points a game from our offense. Yes, I think I can want more from our OC. Play the people that need to be played. The point about Belicheck saying that about injured players is a good one, but to that I say why bring him back if he is not 100% in the first place. You jump on me because I am not saying all the nicey nice things. Jackson & Gabriel not on the field allowed Denver to ATTACK! It shortened the field. That D is way to good for that. So yes.... I will continue to say that not having those 2 WR's in the game in the game led to an L. The combination of that and an OC who calls the same plays that have not worked over and over again.
  7. edgecy

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    How do you come about drawing that conclusion? Is it hard to believe that Chad Jackson was not one of the best 45 man they could put out on Saturday? :confused:

    I personally can't see how you guys can come up with some of the most outrageous conclusions, ever. He didn't play. He wasn't ready. Period. And if he doesn't play next week, then so be it.
  8. edgecy

    edgecy Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    It's certainly true that not having players on the field led to the L, but I don't think it's just the WRs. Corey Dillon wasn't on the field. I don't agree with playing players just for the sake of playing them. If they're not ready, they're not ready and there is no reason to jeopardize their development by rushing them onto the field. Please do remember Chad Jackson is still a rookie.
  9. RayClay

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    Slippery field. Recovering from hamstring.
  10. Old Town Pats

    Old Town Pats Rookie

    It is not just Jackson. He needs to be on the field for development. Not off of it! If it was his hamstring OKAY! I get it, please stop trying to tell me he has a bad hamstring. My point was we didn't have the STRETCH THE FIELD WR! If he is unhealthy that is fine. He is a rookie and because he is he can not be a go to guy?????
    - Colston in NO is a rookie 7th ROUND draft pick
    15rec. 204yds 2TD
    -Jennings in GB is a rookie 2nd ROUND draft pick
    10 rec. 173yds. 2TD

    By the way, if you are wondering, they are both in the top 30 in the NFL. Jackson was supposed to be better than both. So my expectations in his play should be the same as yours! He was rated the #1 WR in the draft by most publications. He has been on the field for limited action and has had a TD, a long reception, and one play were he burned the secondary and lost his concentration. If he has a bad hammy so did Steve Smith. He had two of them. Time for the rookie to grow up rookie. Deion is gone and we need weapons
  11. lobster

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    Someone posted Brady talked about Jackson and said he didn't play because his leg tightened up in warm-ups before the game and thus he was a late scratch. Clearly the rumor-mongers refuse to acknowledge the facts.
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  12. Patsrooter

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    I think I can help here, see you're football knowledge around here is based mainly on your number of posts, and you haven't even broken 50 yet. It is also based on weather you agree with the guys that have been here the longest, because if you don't, you're a juvenile, delusional, moron, troll (in no specific order) besides you are making too much sense to post here. How can you possibily suggest the Pats coaches could have anything to do with the Pats malaise? We all know it because of the "trolls" on the bulletin board.
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  13. BelichickFan

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    I still trying to figure out what "statement" was supposedly being made :confused:
  14. Old Town Pats

    Old Town Pats Rookie

    I thought mabe it was a statement to the player kind of like the one in Detroit being made to Mike Williams.

    I did not see Brady's post game quotes only Bill Belicheck's. I live in VA. If that is the case, it is good to shut him down for the game if it is tightning up. Hammys are tough to recover from. However, why did we bring him back for the Jets game?

    I see this player's development as the key to our offense. That is why I have been harping the issue so hard. Being on the sideline is not helping his chemistry with Brady. People say key- he is a rookie- unfortunately the trade of Deion Branch makes him a key. If someone wants to argue that point please I am not scared. Look at what our WR's have done thus far.

    The MAJOR issue I have right now with anything is McDaniels play calling. Which is fly patterns and out routs. I haven't seen our patented crossing patterns, quick hitches. He has been predictable. The only two receivers on our roster that can run fly patterns to success are probably Gabriel and Jackson. I though Gabriel was not on the field enough. If he is healthy enough to run in the no huddle he is healthy enough for the rest of the game. He wasn't the one throwing up on the field.
  15. Box_O_Rocks

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    Wouldn't that be out of character for Belichick? Reportedly Williams has made progress in correcting his negative behaviors, there has been one nasty rumor claiming Jackson has trouble learning his playbook, otherwise, everything points to a young kid working at getting healthy and working at his game within his physical limitations - no reason to assume there was any kind of problem until there is some credible reporting.

    Disagree with the play calling if it suits you, it's odd though, you'd think a team fielding a bunch of new players at the skill positions would open things up more with every facet of the playbook. :confused:
  16. PATSNUTme

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    I do wish that BB would have been clearer on this one. "the coaches decide who the best 45 for this game were"!!!

    If a healthy Jackson is not one of the best 45 then we're in big trouble at WR.

    If he could have played but because of his injury he was not better than the guys out there, that's OK. It's understandable. Why didn't he say that?

    Now, there is all this speculation like what was being said on NEST last night. I joined it a little late and thought that they were saying that Jackson was indeed a healthy scratch.
  17. Old Town Pats

    Old Town Pats Rookie

    Enough with excuses Box O Rocks! New Players?????????????????????????? You supposed senior members who know so much more than me about football because I have been here less time. Of the guys that have been getting significant time only Lomo and Caldwell are new. Our TE's are some of the best in the league Line is solid AND WE HAVE TOM BRADY!!!! If it is acceptable to you to run a stretch play with Maroney on 4th and 1 against one of the fastest in the league than your great football mind is needed elsewhere. I do not think it is not anything McDaniels can't fix. He just needs to stop throwing fly patterns to the oldest receiver we have, use the middle of the field, and actually start playing those NEW PLAYERS you were referring to. You don't hear Philly complaining Stallworth is NEW!!!!!!! Or wait Drew Brees is NEW!!!!!! Oh wait again I could make a list a lot longer than the one I already have but people get the point. There are no excuses for a loudsy day of playcalling!!!!! I only say, see what your mistakes are and FIX them!!! Box O Rocks is the perfect name for you!
  18. kurtinelson

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    Months back I posted that I thought the Patriots did a terrible job in building WR depth for this season. I really thought they should have drafted another WR. I was critical of the egregious drafting of a 4th TE (Mills), when our WR corps was so thin. Drafting a player like Colston (in addition to Chad Jackson) may have made a huge difference for this team.
  19. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks Supporter Supporter

    A charming response.

    In the probably vain hope that you actually wish to discuss football and not stage a flag burning...out of the hundreds of plays available for McDaniels and his position coaches to use when preparing a game plan, just which 150-200 do you think are best for players who have only been with the club for a limited time? Yes, Maroney is one of the new players, as is Gabriel, Caldwell, Jackson, J.Smith, O'Callaghan, Thomas, Mills, and Andrews - those are just players who may be used on offense and doesn't take into account the second year players who are, by their own admission in some cases, just starting to fully grasp the offense.
    - Is the game plan developed on Sunday afternoon when the inactives are known, or is it prepared on Monday and Tuesday so the team practices the selections prior to the game?
    - Out of 25 or so players who may be used for offensive plays, nearly one third are "new." One fifth are rookies.
    That pretty well limits what an Offensive Coordinator can prepare for in a game plan.

    As for the stretch play on 4th and 1; I'm not a big proponent of trying to 'out run' a defense like Denver's and Buffalo's. Power straight at them and let the heavier offensive line wear them down. I agree with your characterization of that play call, it was horrible. And I agree with the overall complaint for this game - even Belichick admitted they put in the wrong game plan for what Denver brought. That doesn't negate the point that McDaniels was and will be limited as the "new" kids learn the offense.

    As for Stallworth and Brees, they aren't Patriots, they play in different systems for different coaches for teams I don't follow. They may be the next best thing to sliced bread, then again...for grins and giggles I checked ( for information on Stallworth - he has had zero receptions in the last two games following his 6 catch, 141 yd game against the Texans. Was he injured or inactive, or was his play selection so limited that opposing clubs game planned him right out off the field? Just in case I need to, and not to question your powers of observation, his success was against the Texans.
    In Brees case, he is the QB, is it reasonable to assume he is the focal point of the game planning by the Saints? I have read stories about how the Patriots take Tommy's play preferences into consideration, I'd assume the Saints do the same for Brees.

    I chose Box_O_Rocks to not exaggerate my admittedly limited knowledge of the game of football, I'm pleased you appreciate my discretion. I appreciate your patient response and consideration for others who might differ in their opinions, that's assuming your not a troll or perpetual hysteric, in that case I may amuse myself with an occasional jab. :cool:
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  20. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks Supporter Supporter

    Heh, I was screaming for Mike Hass the whole time, including when the Saints cut him. But he's on the Bears Practice Squad...sigh.

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