Chad Brown possibly back? Per Agent...

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by NYCPatsFan, Jul 10, 2007.

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    Reported by Chris Gasper in the Globe:

  2. pats1

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    This is now the third time this has come up this offseason:

    May 18: Dan Pires reports the Patriots agree to terms with Brown:

    May 19: Karen Guregian reports Brown's agent denies the rumor:

    May 30: Mike Reiss reports Brown visited the Patriots on May 30, confirmed by agent Peter Schaffer:,34998
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    Is he really better than anyone else on the roster right now? Maybe he would provide some TC competition but I can't see him beating any LB that is on the team now for a spot on the final roster. I thought the first time around was enough.


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    I'd rather have Charlie Brown of peanuts fame on this team than an old washed up beatup guy like Chad.

    Are we really that desperate at LB, even for pocket change?

    Why don't we just bring back Monty Beisel too by trading Bruschi to the Cardinals in exchange,makes as much sense as signing a worthless aged LB.

    I would rather see Roman Phifer come out of retirement and back on the team,He was great here and I bet hes still in top condition.
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    It's hard to believe that in this modern age of scientific training and high-tech sports medicine that 37 is considered "old," even in the world of pro football. Anywhere else in life, 37 is a young man. But, I guess 14 years of wear-and-tear on a body at that position at that level of competition takes its toll.
  6. WhiZa

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    Not sure why there would be such resistance to add depth for TC with a player who has played in the system before. Granted he didn't pan out as a starting material, but he's familiar with the system and could help out the new players in TC so I'm all for it.
  7. MoLewisrocks

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    I think some things have been acknowledged as well that mitigated his performance here in the past. Losing TJ on top of Tedy was not something BB planned for when he brought in Beisel and Brown. Brown also alluded to the fact that he felt he was not in the best condition to compete for the position he was presented with the first time around. Then I believe in 2006 he was incredibly the third player to break that freakin' wrist bone none of us were even aware we all had...

    BB loves his veterans. It's all well and good for fans to presume day two draft picks are developing exponentially, but for all we know they have a flaw or two that BB isn't confident they can overcome. If he wants to bring this guy and his snakes back for a third try, who are we to say. Maybe just having him in camp makes him a more viable shadow roster player for 2007.
  8. CrazyDave

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    Personally, I have a hard time believing that he is any better than most of the young guys we have coming into camp already.
    Expierience or not, what I saw from Brown the last tome around wasd more than enough for me.
    Just my 2 cents.
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    In addition, Brown was forced to play on the inside for much of the year, which was never his primary position. Late in the year when he played in the OLB rotation, he was much better.

    I'd have no problem in signing him to be a pass-rush specialist and let training camp sort things out.
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    Didn't the team bring in Brown last year around this time, and he got cut?

    So why would he better this year, now that we have Thomas?
  11. pats1

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    Because he broke his hand/wrist last year early in camp - pretty much the same injury that knocked out Bruschi for most of camp and the preseason.
  12. Holy Diver

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    he is horrible....didn't attack the line at all when he was starting here.


    He seemed to forget how to tackle.

    I scremed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" when I read that his agent was spouting about him coming back to the Patriots. Must be to drum up some interest from another squad, 'cuz this dude gets CUT.
  13. Box_O_Rocks

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    Let's see, Chad was playing alongside Beisel, he was playing behind a struggling Wilfork who didn't get his head right until much later, they lost Sey for a few games in that the new system/out of position arguments.

    Chad's re-signing would be insurance, anyone telling me the kids on the roster look better than he does wasn't watching too closely when those kids got late game reps. I believe there's room on the roster to sign him for TC and not lose one of the young kids trying to make the league. Of course this could just be an agent playing one club against another too.
  14. patpatriot

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    I think that when Brown was actually being useful for the Pats he was a 3rd down only specialist used to either cover a TE/RB or used to rush the passer. Seeing that Vrabel/Thomas/Colvin can all pass rush, what would his role be? I guess he would be just depth and maybe he can play ST? What does he bring to the party that is better than one of the kids?
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  15. Box_O_Rocks

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    14 seasons of experience for a start. How many rookie or second year linebackers has BB started since coming to NE?
  16. patpatriot

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    Good point Box. You know I suppose he could replace either Bru or Seau on 3rd and 5+ situations as he can probably still cover pretty good Though why you wouldn't use a safety in those situations rather than an LB? Maybe this is kind of in reaction to the AFC championship games where the Indy TE's killed us.
  17. Box_O_Rocks

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    If Chad is re-signed, I expect it's more because BB feels he has a specific role to play, part of which is being a cagey old vet. I shouldn't be surprised if coverage is part of it, certainly none of the younger guys behind Alexander have adjusted to NFL coverage demands yet (and he's still green as grass), though I'm waiting to see how Tedy does in coverage this year presumably preparing for his old WLB job back. I don't doubt there are passing downs where having a coverage LB in there is advisable over a S, certainly if you anticipate a draw or screen a LB might make more sense.
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    And felger's comments "STUNK"..."STUNK".....FSN

    OK OK...I just happened to turn on the tube and heard.....
    He talked about 05 and 06, making a big point about it..emphasizing "STUNK"....I say felger's knowledge of football..."stunk..and continues TO STINK"...
    He missed the point that Brown was playing a new position..where he had not played in his career...and in 06 missed the fact he was injured.... As usual, Felger doesn 't want any facts to get in the way of his points....Felger again shows how he misses facts..NOT that I am surprised...but maybe we need a sticky thread to keep track of Felger's missed and wrong points.
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    Re: And felger's comments "STUNK"..."STUNK".....FSN

    You know people don't like to read threads that get too high a post count...and just think how unwieldy it would get if people posted replies! :eek:
  20. Pats726

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    Re: And felger's comments "STUNK"..."STUNK".....FSN

    Sooo..a post with 100 replies gets viewed less??? Survey says?????? I just had to comment on Felger's poor knowledge..didn't wish to start a new thread..

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