Cementing the Bill Belichick Legacy

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  1. borg

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    A time will come when Bill Belichick slips off his head set, exits from the back of the stadium, and quietly retreats away from his life in pro football. He'll be spotted around...maybe out on the Nantucket Sound, at a Naval Academy football scrimmage, or at a youth lacrosse game. Invitations will fill up his mail box and he'll sort past the ceremonial banquets and the TV guest spots. He'll only appear out of the shadow's maybe to honor a friend or help inspire others to be their best. And he will teach.

    Reflecting back on Bill's career, the esteem he holds amongst his peers, and the impact the man has had on football and all team sports in general, a book must be written one day that captures not only his knowledge of football but also his model of modern day team building. Many in the coaching ranks have already embraced the Bill Belichick way....but a modern day coaching bible needs to be written that captures the essence who Bill Belichick is, his coaching strategies, his team building philosophies, and his lessons in success and failure. A "How To" text that will be on the shelves and in the minds of every coach in sports, every leader of people, and everyone interested in understanding a formula for success.

    No doubt, creating the "modern day bible of coaching and team building" is a monumental task ....but this is a book that needs to be written, not only to pass along the teachings of the greatest coach of our generation, but also to cement the legacy of Bill Belichick and his impact on sports today. When the time is right, it should be Bob or Jonathan Kraft that spearhead this effort to create a lasting gift to the sportsworld.

    The End
    ......of my flowery appeal that this must get written. But....more succincly...Such a book could be the foundation for every coach in sports. It could be a text for college courses in sports management/business management/people management .
    I'm not talking about amusing stories and anecdotes....I'm talking..."This is the problem I faced, this is how I handled it, this is why I handle it that way....on the field, in the locker room, as a GM, as an employee. This is what I feel is important, this is what works, this is what doesn't work....Belichick vision of coaching and managing.

    Now for a Title??????

    Do Your Job.....and Win

    It is What it is......The Belichick Guide to coaching


  2. Teapot

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    Great post.

    But but but...Rex Ryan , Ted Thompson, Harbaugh brothers,Eric Mangini and Tony Sparano are better than him!
  3. cmasspatsfan

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    But I heard on the Jets forum that hes not that good and got lucky with Brady who would have never played if it wasnt for one their guys Mo Lewis.:D
  4. TruthSeeker

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    I vote that Borg should write this book. Very rarely does a post on a message board invoke other members to envision their own thoughts on a subject, as well as paint a picture of what surely could be what the future holds for Belichick. Very well written Borg, now in 2018, start writing the book you described.
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