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    I'm watching the enjoyable Bears-Giants game. I can't stop steam coming out of my ears every time the latest 'No Fun League' rule on celebrations is invoked.

    Brandon Thingy scores a TD, sticks the ball up his jersey in tribute apparently to his newly pregnant wife, and cops a 15 yard penalty (and fine?) for using the ball as a prop.

    Am I right in thinking that 15 yards is also the penalty for a flagrant facemask?

    I think the next step for the NFL will be to penalise spectators for celebrating touchdowns excessively. We will have to remain seated, applaud and shout only 'Way to go offense'. Standing, giving a high five to other spectators, etc will all be subject to a 20 yard penalty enforced on the kickoff and the loss of your ticket to the next two games.

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