CB Kyle Arrington signed to PS; DeAngelo Willingham released from PS

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  1. pats1

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    Mike Reiss (MikeReiss) on Twitter

    Arrington was a UDFA with the Eagles last year and bounced around with the Bucs a few weeks ago. He spent most of last season on the Bucs' practice squad.
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  2. Jimke

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    The Patriots are still avoiding linebackers like hot potatoes.
  3. aurakilla

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    i might be wrong ( hell i usually am) but guyton looked good so thats why i think their doing that.
  4. captain stone

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    The sound you might be hearing is of wheels spinning.
  5. Laurence Maroney's Dreads

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    YouTube - Kyle Arrington- Herc-n-HD

    Here is a YouTube link of Arrington's college highlight reel. Arrington was one of Hofstra's best defensive players just a couple years back. Obviously coming out of Hofstra, Arrington never really faced the cream of the crop of D1, or even the midlevel schools, but he looks like he's got a bit of talent to work with - and seems to be an extraordinarily hard hitter for his size. Also seems to have a bit of giddy-up, which is definitely a plus.

    I hope he never sniffs Gillette on a Sunday Afternoon - if he does, we've got serious injury problems - but I could see him being a contributor on Special Teams at some point in the future. Now take everything I just said with a grain of salt, because I'm just going by things I've seen of him on YouTube...
  6. Laurence Maroney's Dreads

    Laurence Maroney's Dreads Practice Squad Player

    Who do you suggest they bring in? Brooks? Coax Bruschi out of retirement? We just finished up Week 2 of the season, it's not like elite players are just available for the picking. We have three choices - try to catch lightning in a bottle with UDFAs, bring in someone old and possibly washed up (read: likely washed up) like Bruschi or Seau down the line. I suppose the third option is to trade... but at this point we'd be dealing from a position of desperation.
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