Cassel has nothing to lose and everything to gain

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    Matt is in a position to where he really has nothing to lose and everything to gain

    If Brady started all season and Matt just sat on the sidelines then Matt would likely have been gone anyway once the offseason began and probably out of the NFL

    If Matt goes out and stinks up the field (like myself and others feel) then he still has nothing to lose because he would likely not have been picked up by a team if his performance is poor anyway

    BUT - (and its a big but)

    IF Matt somehow carries this team to the playoffs then all of a sudden he becomes a commodity and may generate some big pay with a team looking for a starter next year - A backup quarterback who takes his team to the playoffs will be a highly sought one the following year (Jeff Garcia comes to mind) - I think no matter what happens with this teams season Matt would not have been here in 2009 anyway.

    Matt has a chance to change what was once a likely end to his football career after this season ends to now a player who may earn some big $$$ in the open market and with a successful end to this season could possibly be one of the most coveted players on the open market next year.

    Amazing how a career could potentially change from nothing to the top in a matter of months

    Unlikely he is capable of doing big things but still worth mentioning.
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    Dr Pain Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    In many ways it is better this happened in the 1st game than later. The team will have time to adjust and hopefully get into the playoffs. I don’t expect him to turn into another Brady but the team is significantly better than the 2001 squad Brady had.
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