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    It seems there's a new book out, and if you buy the author's credibility (this is the first I've heard of him or the book so I can't say, but the story's pretty believable given the Kennedy's in-family competitiveness and "edginess" at times). Anyway here's the scoop: apparently Caroline, who once supported Obama, has changed her tune in a big way due in no small part to the fact that despite her ringing endorsement back in 08, the Obama's have sort of snubbed the Kennedy's. Interestingly the book also claims that it was only Caroline and Teddy who'd initially supported Obama, the rest of the family supported Hillary-Strongly- supported Hillary, to the point of throwing furniture and breaking glasses:
    The rest is here:
    » JFK’s Daughter Caroline Calls Obama a ‘Liar’ Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

    As to Oprah, what's up with the "feud" between her and Michelle? Story from the very same book:
    Relationship between Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey 'breaks down' - Telegraph

    There's more in the link. Sounds like an interesting book lol, good summer reading:D
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    good summer reading for the entire nation...definitely lol
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    Hack author, widely discredited.

    I'm surprised an independent like PR would recommend this tome.
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    Its not so surprising that the Kennedys were split back then. My biggest beef with Hillary was that she was hated by the Republicans with the white-hot intensity of 1000 suns, I saw her galvanizing the Republican base way beyond anything Regan ever did.
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    I've never been a Caroline fan but she's right on this one Obama "is a liar"

    Oprah gave the Clintons the biggest "back stabbing" this country has ever seen.
    (when oprah was ass kissing the clintons she once said "bill and hillary are like family to me" then Racism raised it's ugly head.

    Queen Oprah & Jug Ears Obama are two phony untrustwothy rats.
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    The author:
    I looked him up and wiki cites him that way for sure, as do a couple of others that I saw, but I clicked on the Huff Post article. The HP acknowledges this as well, but cites something within the book that supports to the author's credibility. It's a remark made by Obama's once personal physician about Obama's Affordable Healthcare plan (the MD did not support it).

    Also, interestingly, this physician was yet another Obama 'snub", not having been invited to the Inauguration. Ed Klein Book On Obama, 'The Amateur,' Appears To Have Lifted Key Quote

    I dunno? I'm sure the book has a lot of tabloid exaggeration and speculation but I think there's some truth in there too.
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    Speaking of RFK Jr., his wife's apparently been found dead.
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    Just came back here now, I didn't realize you had mentioned it also.
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    Your thread was the first I'd seen of it actually but I mentioned it here because-they seem related somehow. :eek:

    This book may not be as quackers as some people claim it is. If anything else comes out about the book I'll post it here. Your thread is about RFK Jr's wife-this thread can be about the Oprah and Caroline stories :rocker:

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