Carl Poston Suspended for 2 years

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    ESPN Radio is reporting this as a result of Arringtons contract with the Redskins i am looking for further detatils but cant find any. This should also effect Ty.
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    He could come work as an intern with the Pats?
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    Without sounding TOO cynical, does this mean that his brother Kevin does the negotiating for all their clients now?????????
    In other words, will it affect them at all or will Carl simply work behind the scenes??
    Just my $0.0194,
    (it was $0.02 but the agent took 3%)
  5. gomezcat

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    If it is true, then it is great. They are such a cancer on the NFL. I'm glad that certain teams have chosen to not negotiate with them.
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    Maybe this will encourage the Pats to contact Julian Peterson...wonder who'll be negotiating for him now...
  7. somejerk

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    This affects a lot of the "big" names available.

    Ty Law
    Charles Woodson
    Julian Peterson
    Lavar Arrington (obviously)

    He was suspended because he admitted he didn't read the final contract the Redskins submitted for Arrington.

    Anyone else out there who's represented by them?
    Do any of these guys jump ship or stick with his brother Kevin?
  8. hwc

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    Carl? Kevin? What's the difference? I don't see how this has any impact on the Poston's roster of turd clients.
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    This has no impact at all. One will be the agent who deals with teams and the other will do all the behind the scenes stuff.

    Even if both were suspended the impact would be marginal. Their clients would just hire a guy on staff at the Postons company like Adam and all of Neil Conrich's clients did. Conrich is no doubt still the agent doing all the detail work and advising. He just isn't the front man.
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    What it does show is extreme negligence on the part of the Postons. They are there to take care of a player's negotiations first and foremost. To not read the final contract is something you can definitely sue a guy for. He just didn't do his primary job and I can't believe Arrington is still hanging around with him. If I were Arrington, it isn't just the Redskins I'd be looking to leave, it would be the Postons as well.
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    Updated: March 15, 2006, 11:50 PM ET
    Arrington's agent suspended for two years news services

    Carl Poston, the agent for ex-Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington, was suspended for two years Wednesday by the NFL Players Association's Committee on Agent Regulation & Discipline, the SportsBusiness Journal reported.

    The suspension stems from violations over Arrington's contract negotiations at the end of the 2003 season. Arrington claims the Redskins orally agreed to a $6.5 million bonus, a bonus that was subsequently left out of the former Penn State star's contract.

    Poston will be able to appeal the suspension.

    In August, Arrington and the team cam to a settlement over the bonus, but terms favored the Redskins, who agreed only to a deal that would make Arrington a free agent or net him a $3.25 million bonus if he made the Pro Bowl in two of the next four seasons. He did not make the Pro Bowl this season.

    In January, the NFLPA filed a formal complaint seeking disciplinary action against Poston for "neglect."

    Poston's suspension was announced at the players' union's annual meeting in Maui.

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