Cards to let former No. 2 pick Davis test free agency

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by broadwayjoe, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. broadwayjoe

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  2. zippo59

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    Most don't feel he is a LT.
  3. SeanBruschi54

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    Regarded as lazy in workouts, never tries his hardest, not really a true LT, bad attitude/ego.

    Need i go on?

    If the Cardinals dont want him thats a good sign that he shouldnt be in the NFL.
  4. Boston Jay

    Boston Jay 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Better as a guard. We won't take him.
  5. spacecrime

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    Note he is not being franchised and traded, but allowed to pursue free agency. It is the right thing to do.

    Tempe, AZ - With the start of the 2007 free-agency period on the horizon, the Arizona Cardinals have informed veteran offensive tackle Leonard Davis that the team does not intend to place a franchise or transition tag on him and the six-year lineman will be unrestricted when free agency begins on March 2.

    “In fairness to Leonard, we wanted to let him know what our position is so he can move forward and make plans,” offered Vice President of Football Operations Rod Graves.
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  6. mgteich

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    I agree. However, I believe that most on this board would have franchised him, restricted where he could play, and get what they can for him; in his case probably a 4th, and then cut him if they couldn't get anything.

  7. Digger44

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    Great way to exalt such a winning franchise like the AZ Cardinals. Your remarks are simply ridiculous.
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  8. patsox23

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    I'm getting a sense from you and spacecrime that you feel the Patriots FO is "wrong" not to do this with our impending FA's. Why? It's the way things are set up. Dem's da rules. Why shouldn't they do EVERYTHING they can - and why shouldn't we WANT them to - to make the Patriots as competitive as possible, especially given it's within the structure of the NFL?
  9. salty

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    Obviously you are referencing the Asante Samuel situation here. Only, the analogy is completely flawed, as they are not near the same caliber of player. Arizona would be absolutely stupid to pay Davis as if he were a top tackle, whereas Asante Samuel's relative worth is much closer to that range.
  10. MrBigglesWorth

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    Sure but then you risk him signing the tender. It's business, you don't let known good commodities leave your company if you can prevent it. Does Coca-Cola give away it's secret formula?
  11. solman

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    He is being let go because the franchise tag costs more than $9.5M, and he doesn't play well enough to earn it. Fairness had nothing to do with it.

    “When we evaluated Leonard, we certainly see ability and as improvement, especially as last season went on,” said Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt. “But when you look at the situation on the whole and take everything into account, we don’t feel that the investment that would be required to keep him is equal to the performance.

    If value of performance exceeds the cost of investment, you franchise him.

    If cost of investment exceeds value of performance, you let him go.

    Its a simple equation.
  12. GoWhalers

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    It's a shame, actually. The guy is a huge physical specimen -- if you see him playing on TV, he's so much bigger than the rest of the guys on his line.

    Apparently -- whether it's lack of motivation or natural ability -- the guy just doesn't have what it takes.
  13. Daniel McJosh

    Daniel McJosh Banned

    He has been their best offensive lineman this past season. He is devastating on the run game and has pancake blocks that take out two at a time.

    I believe he can be a major part of an offensive line with a contending team.

    I think he can make a huge difference to the Pats running game and might be worth a look see.
  14. Ghost of Ben Dreith

    Ghost of Ben Dreith Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    My God...some of you are smoking crack.

    Davis is not "devasting in the run game" as a Cardinal season ticket holder and long time Cardinal follower (out here in the damn desert), this drew barely a notice on the local sports stations. Jeezus....he is as big as a house and not nearly as mobile....why do you think the Cards are letting him go....the worst offensive line in the league lets a guy go and the Pats need him.....??????

    Get a grip on things. He wouldn't make the Pat's starting lineup.
  15. cstjohn17

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    I haven't watched him as closely as you Ghost but I have seen the Cardinals play a couple of times and he has looked down right awful. If he was even adequate the Cardinals with one of the worst offensive lines in the league would have tried harder to resign. Colvin abused him when they played last year, I hope he signs within our division.

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