Can you guess the guy who had 44 TFL's and 28 sacks in two years in the SEC?

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by State, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. State

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    Georgia's Jarvis Jones, whom some people are now thinking will slip out of the first round.

    Why? Are they nuts?

    His 4.92 forty time is too slow.

    So do people prefer Aaron Maybin or something? Jeez!

    In the few games I saw him he looked to have elite quickness, explosion, and power. I'm just an idiot, but he looks like the next Von Miller. And I was saying the same thing last year about Bruce Irvin out of WVU. I had considered Irvin a first-rounder and was routinely laughed at.

    This Jones kid will create havoc and become a household name. Like another undervalued player in Michigan State's RB Le'Veon Bell, a running back, who got a little over half his 1800 yards after initial contact playing behind a blundering, Keystone cops offensive line.

    If the Jets get Jones and the Broncos get Bell, things could get pretty interesting.

    In an era of Groupthink, Jarvis Jones is a guy to keep your eyes on. I know there's a further complication with a spine injury, the type that ended the career of McNeil in San Diego in sudden fashion. (He transferred from USC because they wouldn't clear him to play.)

    But still... Tavon Wilson in three years had two or three interceptions. Jones has been dominant, a difference maker, for two years in the premier college conference. If he slips, do we grab him?

    How can we not?
  2. Leemo

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    i'm happy taking jones at #29, also werner if either falls
  3. KontradictioN

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    As someone who has watched Jones a bit from behind enemy lines the past few years, Jones could be an elite edge rusher in this league. But he's going to be a liability in coverage as well.
  4. Big-T

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    Liability in coverage wouldn't really matter if he plays DE in the 4-3 though.
  5. KontradictioN

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    This is true. I was going under the assumption that the OP was talking about him as an OLB.
  6. Sciz

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    You still deserved to be laughed at if you think Irvin showed in his rookie year that he was worth a first round pick. You might as well stick a CB there and tell him to rush. It's not much of a difference against the run.
  7. FreeTedWilliams

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    Jones single handedly beat Florida last year. Go and watch the higlights of that game. Not only did he live in the backfield all game, Florida RB was about to score the go ahead TD and Jones ran him down from behind and stripped out the ball! He was going to be the #1 pick unitl he ran his 40, if he is there at 29, I say run to the podium and pick him!
  8. State

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    That's why coaches talk about game speed.

    JJ has excellent game speed.

    Another player who lacks the forty time in his shorts but plays fast in his pads is Iowa's Micah Hyde, who I watched run down a Northwestern running back Venric Mark who does a 4.4 /40 from behind when the speedy scat back was on his way for what looked like a long TD run. He'd be another guy who is physical, has high football IQ, is a proven performer, but lacks NFL-caliber speed.

    Number 18 for Iowa has made plays all over the field for three years. Much more productive at the same position than Tavon Wilson at Illinois, though he lacks his speed.

    Hyde must show he can run fast at NFL Combine, expert says | Hawk Central
  9. DaBruinz

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    I watched Jones some, particularly in the SEC Championship game against Alabama. Jones was a non-factor the entire game. I think that Jones is more likely to be a player similar to Mike Mamula than he is to be an ELITE player...

    FTW, Jones was never in consideration for the #1 overall pick except as pure speculation by the media pundits..
  10. State

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    Alabama's offensive line was better than the NFL's Miami Dolphins last year.
  11. Ochmed Jones

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    That is so true and it is why I would love for us to draft Barrett Jones. Don't care what round. This kid can play with leverage and power.

    However the guy that just ate up the Alabama Oline last season was the kid from Western Kentucky. I think he had 3 sacks and disrupted a few running plays to his side of the field.

    Also Montgomery of LSU has more than held his own against that the beastly Oline of Alabama's.
  12. Ochmed Jones

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    Watch the Carolina-Georgia tape from last season then come back to us on Jones.

    All that being said, Jones seems like the prototypical Pittsburgh pass rusher. Now with James Harrison cut, I would think a guy like this appeals to Pittsburgh.

    The fastest way in my book for Pittsburgh to become relevant again is for them to get a pass rush back.
  13. mgteich

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    Yes, slow players can make it in the nfl. However, I think that we must beware of pass rushers would can't break 4.90 in the 40. That is NT or OL speed.
  14. Ochmed Jones

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    With pass rushers the first step quickness at the snap of the ball and ability to use their hands are very important. Multiple pass rushing moves also helps, did not see a lot of that from Jones last season.
  15. DaBruinz

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    And that is an excuse? Seriously. Do you bother to think about what you say?

    If Jones couldn't make an impact against a 4A line like Alabama's, what makes you think that he could have an impact in the NFL where even the worst teams have as good as or better than Alabama's line?
  16. State

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  17. TruthSeeker

    TruthSeeker Supporter Supporter

    Yet people get all over Manti Te'o for playing subpar against the same O-line in the Championship game.
  18. Get it shawtaay

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    A few thoughts:

    1. It is AWFULLY premature to be crowing about how you "nailed" Irvin. He got a bunch of speed rushing sacks on pin-your-ears back situations, cool. But when Chris Clemons went down, Seattle needed him to start at "leo" and Atlanta's doormat run game shredded him to size. Then they went and signed Cliff Avril at 6 mil/year to bury him in the depth chart behind Clemons. Considering several DL who were drafted after him (Jones, Coples for that matter) have shown more value.... hold off on that talk.

    2. It doesn't matter if Alabama's offensive line is better than that of Miami. Is it better than Denver's offensive line, or Baltimore's offensive line, or San Fran or Atlanta or Seattle? We want a player who can show up against quality competition not scrubs. Jones got schooled by guys who look like NFL tackles in the SEC championship. That doesn't bode well for his future, especially when he's a speed rusher and the RT he was going up against is in conversations to be moved to guard.

    Bottom line is that just as you don't pay for past production, you don't draft for past production. You have to project it. Will their production be sustained at a higher level of competition? George Selvie was far more productive rushing the passer at USF than Jason Pierre-Paul was. But teams valued one more than the other based on that element of projection.
  19. Off The Grid

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    "Can you guess the guy who had 44 TFL's and 28 sacks in two years in the SEC?"


    I would hope that anyone who frequents a Draft Forum is familiar with Jarvis Jones's Resume. [​IMG]

    I'm a big fan of Jarvis Jones...

    But for what it's worth, he's one of my very favorite BUST Projections: :eek:

    Jarvis Jones Scouting Report ~ 2013 NFL Draft -
  20. KontradictioN

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    Aye. So you can pretty much say that you called it either way then? :snob:

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