Can we stand it? The men in black vanish and Basra comes to life

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    This from the The Times.

    The Times
    April 25, 2008

    The men in black vanish and Basra comes to life

    The first Western journalist to enter the city since Operation Charge of the Knights was launched a month ago

    A month ago, any woman daring to wear bright clothing in Basra would have drawn the wrath of the militiamen
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    Deborah Haynes, in Basra

    Young women are daring to wear jeans, soldiers listen to pop music on their mobile phones and bands are performing at wedding parties again.

    All across Iraq’s second city life is improving, a month after Iraqi troops began a surprise crackdown on the black-clad gangs who were allowed to flourish under the British military. The gunmen’s reign had enforced a strict set of religious codes.


    “All these men in black [who imposed the laws] just vanished from the university after this operation,” said Ms Ahmed. “Things have completely changed over the past week.”

    In a sign of the good mood, celebratory gunfire erupted around Basra two nights ago and text messages were pinged from one mobile phone to another after an alleged senior militia leader was arrested.

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