Can someone explain waivers?

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    I'm a bit confused on waivers and this is obviously the place to get answers (kudos to all of you for creating a human repository of football knowledge).

    When a player is cut by a team, he sometimes goes on waivers and can be claimed by other teams? When does this happen? Is it only after the trade deadline, during the whole season, or in the offseason, too?

    If a team claims a player off waivers, do they inherit his old contract, or do they just get exclusive negotiating rights? If they just exclusive rights, for how long?
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    if a player has less than 4 years of service on an active NFL roster he is not considered a Vested veteran. Therefore instead of being cut and shopping his services the person is waived. All the teams are notified and are allowed to put in claims to his rights. The order is based of the records from last year with the worst teams getting first rights. If the player is picked up by a team off waivers the team assumes all his Rights (RFA, ect..) AND have to honor his previous contract....If no one claims the player he then becomes a FA and can speak to any team he wishes.
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    Thanks! So does a vested veteran ever go to waivers, or do they just become UFA's anytime they're cut?
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    A better place to check is often Miguel's FAQ page.

    Q: How does the waiver system work??
    A: The following explanation was found in the 2005 NFL Record & Fact Book. As far as I can tell, it is still appropriate. "The waiver system is a procedure by which player contracts or NFL rights to players are made available by a club to other clubs in the league. During the procedure, the 30 other clubs either file claims to obtain the players or waive the opportunity to do so - thus the term "waiver." Claiming clubs are assigned players on a priority based on the inverse of won-and-lost standing. The claiming period is three business days from the beginning of the League Year through April 30, 10 days from May 1 through the last business day before July 4, and 24 hours after July 4 through the conclusion of the regular season. If a player passes through waivers unclaimed, he becomes a free agent. All waivers are no recall and no withdrawal. Under the CBA, from the beginning of the waiver system each year through the trading dealine (October 19 1999), any veteran who has acquired four years of pension credit is not subject to the waiver system if the club desires to release him. After the trading deadline, such players are subject to the waiver system."

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