Can our Defense get better?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by carolinatony, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. carolinatony

    carolinatony In the Starting Line-Up

    They have played ok this year and we are 6-0 but this is mostly because of the offense. It just seems like they are not in sync yet.
    When we play Indy we may need them to step up; can they do it?

  2. Remix 6

    Remix 6 Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    no pressure and missing tackles.
  3. Deus Irae

    Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter

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    You play defense differently with a 3 score lead than you do in a tie game. This team's defense has been fine. They are 4th against the pass, 6th in sacks, 2nd in interceptions and 5th against the run, as well as 9th in scoring and 6th in points per game. The problem with the Patriots is the Patriots' fan base, who are becoming so ridiculously spoiled that they cry over any positive play made by the opposing team.

    No team is perfect, but listening to some of the people here is like listening to someone who's looking at a supermodel and complaining that she has a freckle inside her belly button.
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  4. livinginthe past

    livinginthe past Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

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    Someone's changed their tune.
  5. Deus Irae

    Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter

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    If you're referring to me, no I haven't.
  6. carolinatony

    carolinatony In the Starting Line-Up

    I am spoiled like the rest of us but we could pressure/sack the QB more.
    The only team that can beat us is Indy and I would bet the Pats if I was a betting man.
    Nothing beats pressure on the QB.
  7. Pats726

    Pats726 Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    I agree...and yet I know it can get better...Many more people complaining when there is no reason to...a good analogy...but I do see improvement...but that is because there is ALWAYS improvement needed...even with this team..and it SHOULD be that way!!
    But..please enjoy the ride..and how great this team is playing..spolied?? I think so..and MOST fans have no comprehension of what it was like many years ago at various times with a horrible coach and team...
  8. RoughingthePasser

    RoughingthePasser Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Yes it WILL!
  9. Deus Irae

    Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter

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    Oh, absolutely it can get better, as can the offense. This team hasn't played a perfect game. And you can be sure that Belichick has been pointing that out to them on a regular basis. But the notion that a defense with the sort of numbers this team has put up has just been 'ok' seems a bit silly to me.
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  10. ALP

    ALP Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    ohhh, YEAAAAAAA

    our defense is gonna get better...a good deal, LOL...
    if seymour playes like we are used to him playing, then yea, maybe this pup thing is to reignite his passion for the game, which may have been lackign lately...
  11. Oswlek

    Oswlek Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Of course it can.

    What is important to remember is that we are still in the early part of the season. Every team has probably 30% of their playbook that hasn't been unveiled yet. NE is a chameleon team that takes advantage of the chinks in teams' armor. The more time goes on, the more cracks are exposed. I fully expect this defense to be on par with the teams of the past. Lest we forget, even the great 2003 team let up 34 points to Indy (and that Indy offense was no better than this Cowboys team), 30 to TN at home, 19 at Denver led by Danny Kanell and 20 to a woeful Houston team.

    The team needs should be open to critiquing, but we need to keep perspective as well.

    BTW, another reason that I am optimistic is that I am a lot higher on Big Sey than many of my compadres. He is still a difference maker, IMHO.
  12. JR4

    JR4 In the Starting Line-up Supporter

    OK this year ????? :eek: :confused:

    just Ok?? ...... amazing

    PATs are
    #2 out of 32 teams in overall defense
    #4 out of 32 teams in pass defense
    #5 out of 32 teams in rush defense

    and they are just ...... OK?

    come on .....

    but yes I guess they can improve. lets see #1 in all three categories
    ..... a goal to shoot for.

    IMO ...... PATs have a very very good defense NOT just an ok defense. :rolleyes:
  13. Stats are misleading, so I see where there can be some room for improvement. Seymour will definetely help the run defense and rotation of the DL. However, the Pats defense can only do the best they can with the players they have. Their LB's are aging and their safeties aren't exactly studs. Their defense will get better when youngers legs are injected into the line-up.
  14. patsox23

    patsox23 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    The defense is going to get WORSE when they bring back Seymour because he will disrupt the delicate "chemistry" that the D has put together with Jarvis Green in there.
  15. Ghost of Ben Dreith

    Ghost of Ben Dreith Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    You have got to be kidding me.....I know you don't really believe that.

    Another DE/DT/NT of Seymour's talent will allow the DL rotation to keep everybody fresh. My God.....Jarvis Green will be the first in line to welcome him back.

    As to the defense getting better....2 points....the question on its face is ridiculous since the answer is of course they will get better as the season goes on (barring significant injuries of course)

    The second point is a bit different.....IMHO, the defense has been fine but a bit inconsistent.....NOT at championship yes the defense can get better and I think needs to get better if the Pats want to add another championship.

    Don't go with the stats...this defense has not looked championship level, or close to it, the last 2 weeks.
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  16. dtbrks

    dtbrks 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

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    I believe the D will get better as they play together and jell more. I also think getting seymore back will help. If he was playing yesterday, they would have been able to rotate the D line better to keep the players fresh.
  17. emoney_33

    emoney_33 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    The style of defense we play makes it a little bit harder to sack the QB. We don't have a full-out pass rush style like say indy. The lineman in the 3-4 have a 2-gap responsibility and they have to hold their ground to stop the run. In obvious passing situations the pass rush steps up since they dont' have as much of a run-stop responsibility. We still get good pressure and the defense has played damn good so far this season. We do have to fix the redzone defense though it seems to be getting a little bit better the last couple of weeks.

    You also have to remember it is still early and the patriots, defense especially, are never at full steam until later in the season. The defense WILL get better but it's not as though it has been bad or even mediocre so far. Once Seymour gets back teams won't be able to run to the left as much either. It's scary to think about but our team should get better and better.
  18. jaytyme

    jaytyme Practice Squad Player

    lol.....there's a sense of humor patsox23.
    sounds like you prefer the agonizing collapses the sox serve up every year (save 1). just stay tuned to fox and you will get your fill of heartbreak and loss very shortly.

    IMO, seymour will make our defense exponentially better next week.
    better push, better rotation, less time for the QB, better run D.

    miami doesnt have a chance if he plays. Oh, they dont have a chance if he sits either.
  19. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    You can't judge our pass rush off the Cowboys game because we were held on EVERY Play.

    Which is also how the Colts have played us at least the last three games, holding on every single play. The difference is that they don't get called even once for it.

    The rest of the season, we have gotten pretty good pressure for a three man line for the most part.

    Seymour will help this defense big time if he is healthy, because Jarvis will be that much fresher to rush the passer, and Seymour will be harder to block in the run game. Green can rotate for all three of our starters and give them all a breather.

    Seymour will be worked in slow, anyway, even if he is healthy.
  20. patsfaninpa

    patsfaninpa In the Starting Line-Up

    Pats defense got helped out by some penalties yesterday. But, held a good offense to 17 pts. 7 were from a def td. And, 3 were after a long ko return where they were in fg position as soon as they were tackled. Held them to 3 straight 3 and outs to start the game. A FG on next drive. Also, kept them under 300 yds.

    On the negative side. I thought our corners played a little soft. Curious since they usually have help over the top. Maybe the Safeties were told to worry about Witten and cb's told to back off a little. Not sure.

    As BB mentioned today. Tackling was shoddy to say the least. Though the next time you see the play where we almost had a safety on M.Barber. Watch what the LT(76) does to Rodney. Rodney forced the play great. And, would have tackled him at the 3. He was grabbed and spun to the ground by LT and couldn't finish the play. Others should have. But, check it out.

    Hopefully, Seymour's return will help the pass rush. Allows us to bring J.Green in off bench. Which helps in these long games that end up being shootouts. Don't think R.Colvin has been 100% the last couple of games. If he's not, wouldn't mind seeing a little of P.Woods. Woods plays special teams with a lot of passion and maybe he can spell lb's here and there.

    I don't think E.Wilson will play as poorly as he did yesterday. But, if he does. Let's get B.Meriweather in there to spot him. Nothing will motivate a veteran more than a lack of playing time in his walk year.
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