Can Any College Fans Provide Insight Here?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by aluminum seats, May 3, 2007.

  1. aluminum seats

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    I just don't follow the college game enough to have an informed opinion on the linebackers--Harris, Pos, etc.--the Pats passed on at #28. I've essentially accepted that the management team knows what they're doing and those guys just weren't good enough. But since it would be great to have a youth infusion there, I'd like to hear from anyone on the board who knows college ball: what was wrong with these guys? I heard that Harris in particular was moving up the Pats' draft board, which I guess wasn't the case.

    I mean, what gives? I came across a write-up the other day before LAST year's draft talking about how the Pats were sure to draft a couple of linebackers. And again this year, nothing. What was wrong with these guys?
  2. TheBaronPatriot

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    I don't think BB and co. are comfortable with relying on a 21 yr old kid to take on 30 year old 320 lbs. NFL guards.
    I mean this is fundamental in stopping the run in the 3-4.

    We will find out how well Harris plays the ILB position for the Jets.
    My guess is that he will be man handled by NFL guards.
    Which is why the Pats dont draft rookies to play inside the 3-4.

    You have to be a savvy vet with the body and tenacity to take on these 320 lb. bulls.
  3. zippo59

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    Pioli said that it's not that they didn't like any of the players available at 28, they just thought the trade with the 49ers was better value.
  4. spacecrime

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    Nothing was wrong with them. Nothing was wrong with a lot of guys they didn't pick. They had some players they liked at 28. They also had a couple tade offers they thought were better. They took the trade offer they liked best.

    Harris could have been high on their board. Who knows? There were probably a number of guys high on the board.

    My guess is they thought they would do better in the long run with a first round player next year than this, but it is an exercise in futility to tgry to gigure out why the Pats did or did not take a player. They had a full-time staff working all year to figure out who will fit their system, whereas we have 40 times, height and weight.

    Who among us would have thought Darius Walker would go undrafted? Or that Brandon Siler would go at the very end of round 7? It isn't just the Pats, all 32 teams passed on these two guys, instead taking players no one ever heard of. Not a single team interested in Darius Walker? There must be something, but who knows? We fans think we're pretty smart, but we don't know dick.
  5. aluminum seats

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    Thanks for the thoughts. Is there anybody who watched enough of Harris & Pos (however that's spelled) to have a take on them? I guess it's all speculation--it will be interesting to see how Harris does.
  6. TheBaronPatriot

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    Puz has been known to get engulffed by larger blockers.

    Harris has been described as a Thumper and did well taking on guards in college... but Pro guards are pit bulls when compared to college miniture dobie pinchers

    not as big, strong, or mean
  7. danny88

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    There is a reason bb does not draft lb high and uses vets in the position. Drafting a linebacker would have done nothing more then add another body. It would take more then the preseason to learn the position and play it like it should be played. It can take years.

    They felt poz was not worth the 28th. Nuff said, they deserve the benefit of the doubt at this point.
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  8. Michigan Dave

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    Yes. Both were amazing college linebackers, with legitimate questions coming into the league. Posluszny had an amazing 2005. He got hurt in the Orange Bowl, and struggled the beginning of 2006 on the outside before moving back inside. I think with Harris it's more of a concern over the possible upside that he has. He's a great college player, but he played above his potential at UM, and got where he was more on hard work than natural ability.

    Personally, I think they both are second round talents overevaluated in a weak draft class, which is why the better value was with the SF pick in 08.
  9. satz

    satz 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Also, BB has shown again and again that he prefers older veterans to young ILB prospects.The development time is long and might end with a useless player.

    Its not only about a pick but holding a rooster spot for 2-3 yr fro development.too much investment to end up with a bust.
  10. Ice Cold Bruschi

    Ice Cold Bruschi Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I think we'll be fine with Bruschi + AD/Vrabel/Seau all switching up on the inside. We really only need run stuffers there Bruschi will probably play more coverage than the player occupying the opposite spot
  11. VJ11

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    Seems that college linebackers are deficient in some way or another. Most lack the size to play in the 3-4 the way Belichick likes to play it. Being 6-4 and 245 lbs is the minimum requirement in BBs scheme. Most college linebackers are about 6-3 230 lbs, and can't pack too much more than that on their frame. BB would rather have those 6-4 265 lbs DEs that he can use as situational passrushers and work into the rotation.

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