Callahan: Personnel leave but mighty Patriots stay same

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by BPF, Jan 16, 2009.

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    I don't doubt that the idea of a Cassel to Chiefs swap could have been spoken under a wink/nod agreement, but the Chiefs will still have competition to get it done or else someone will start screaming about tampering, no? Or would that charge have to be levied by one of the two teams involved?
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  3. ALP

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    very goood read
  4. j00fek

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    im sorry that you still read the herald , let alone callihan
  5. ctpatsfan77

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    FWIW, tampering is when a team tries to interfere with a team's relationship with a player under contract.

    I think one might be able to make an argument for collusion (i.e., if, say, the Pats traded Cassel to KC for a sixth-rounder in 2011 even though Tampa Bay was offering a first in 2009 and a larger contract for Cassel), but I don't see how tampering would be involved.

    Of course, since Cassel himself has to be on board with any trade, I'm not even sure they could make collusion stick.
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    Don't check the Herald site directly but saw this on PFT.
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    Unless the boycott is done by a sufficiently large number of people, boycotting information sites that are free just makes you needlessly ignorant of that information, and has little impact upon that site,
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    I don't disagree that it has little impact but while it is free to us someone is paying for it (the Advertisers) and if they don't get what they want (people to see there ads) than they don't pay so if enough people boycotted then they would find somewhere else to advertise where we would see it but people can't stop reading that trash its like the national inquire.

    My boycott of them isn't so much to hurt them as much as reading their stuff makes me needlessly ignorant of information because they so readily give false information or made up info. And the accurate stuff they give I figure I can get elsewhere.
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    Do not like Callahan on the radio, but this is an ok article.. will not make the Patriots All Star Collection.
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