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California Superintendent Gives Up $830K In Wages To Help School Facing Budget Cuts

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Holy Diver, Aug 30, 2011.

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    this dude is my hero!

    Larry Powell wants to be paid a much lower wage. Leaving behind a $288,241 annual salary, Powell will voluntarily work for $31,020 — $10,000 less than a first-year teacher’s salary — with no benefits. This, Powell says, ensures that the $830,000 he would have earned for the remainder of his term will go toward the county schools’ budget for the next three years.

    ‘What America is all about’: School chief gives up $800,000 - Chicago Sun-Times
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    Re: California Superintendent Gives Up $830K In Wages To Help School Facing Budget Cu

    Wow a pretty honorable thing to do, while he made good money i can imagine even a 1/4 mil a year it probably doesn't go all that far in that state.

    Compared to the hack piece of crap we have here in western mass who was just caught not using the 30,000 dollars that was given to him in good faith to relocate to our city. Instead he used it to rent a apartment and pocket the rest making it clear that he never had any intentions of being a main stay here within our school department. Not only that our schools have done nothing but steadily decline since he took over a couple years ago. This is also a man that gave himself a 12,000 a year raise while laying off 75 teachers!

    I think a huge problem within school systems today is they have for some reason gotten this idea that it is now needed to look out of state to a person who has the best looking piece of paper (degree) and the highest salary demands! I'm really hoping this time they promote from within as my city for the last 30 years has gone in with the attitude that they need to spend the absolute most money to get the best person for the job when in reality all they find is a person looking to break the bank and move on when people realize how worthless they are for the salary they command.
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  3. Harry Boy

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    Re: California Superintendent Gives Up $830K In Wages To Help School Facing Budget Cu

    While Obama spends millions on Wars.

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