By Request: Arizona scouting report from a Cards fan

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by jmt57, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. jmt57

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    Arizona scouting report from a Cards fan

    gmabel830, the floor is yours.


    P.S., I'm guessing you were referring to ASFN in your other post? That's a pretty good forum in my opinion.
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    We've got a Cardinals fan to welcome to the board, and (s)he'd like to exchange information. Without further ado, here's the thread (s)he requested be set up for him/her.

  3. Joker

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    "Arizona scouting report from a Cards fan"

    here ya' go...whatever you can add whenever you can until gametime...
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  4. ATippett56

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  5. gmabel830

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    Thanks for creating thread. I'm a Cards season ticket holder and Arizona Wildcat alumn, so cheer for Gronk whenever he's not playing us!

    I'll try to keep it as short as I can. Overall, I think it's clearly an uphill battle for us. I think we have a very, very good defense and I'm curious to see how they look against a clearly elite offense. Our offensive line/passing game held up better than expected last week, so curious to see how they'll look in week 2. I figure you guys don't get very many looks at the Cardinals at all, so going to do a position by position rundown. It's probably a bit of a homer perspective, but I try to be objective where I can be.

    QB - Obviously a huge question mark heading into the season. Skelton didn't play bad last week, but left the game with what appeared to be a major leg injury. Turns out it is just a low ankle sprain and he hasn't been ruled out yet. Kolb came in and looked great engineering the game-winning drive in an up tempo drive. My hunch is Skelton won't be able to go -- regardless of QB, I think staying in a more uptempo style is our best bet. If Skelton can't go, the backup would be Ryan Lindley - a rookie 6th round pick from San Diego State who isn't ready for prime time.

    RB - We have two talented ones, Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams (Beanie is a bruiser and Ryan can make great cuts - 2nd year guy who missed all of last year). Last week, Seattle stuffed the box and totally shut them down. Given what you guys did to Chris Johnson, I don't have high hopes this week - but there's definitely talent there. Larod Stephens-Howling is a versatile third down back.

    WR - Larry is Larry. Everyone always game plans to shut him down, and Seattle did a pretty good job last week. Andre Roberts is our #2, and had a pretty good week last week. Early Doucet is the #3/slot and also made some plays last week. Encouraging from Roberts/Doucet, but both still have a long way to proving they are worthy of the playing time they get. Michael Floyd was our first round pick and had a quiet preseason and first game, but he did make a phenomenal TD catch in the last preseason game and the talent is definitely there, but looks like he'll need some time.

    TE - Jeff King and Todd Heap are solid vets and can both block and make plays in the passing game. Heap had a pretty good game last week. Rob Housler is a 2nd year guy in the "new age TE" mold, but the potential hasn't translated on the field yet. He has all of the physical tools though.

    OL - The biggest question mark heading into the season. Levi Brown (LT) and Jeremy Bridges (our swing lineman off the bench) were both lost to IR. Starting line is D'Anthony Batiste (veteran journeyman), Daryn Colledge (came over from Pack last year), Lyle Sendlein (solid center), Adam Snyder (came over this offseason from SF - hasn't looked great), and Bobby Massie (rookie 4th round pick out of out of Ole Miss). The line actually held up very well in pass blocking last week allowing only one sack. Run blocking was abysmal, but I think Seattle's defense deserves some credit there. Protecting our QB, no matter which one it is, is an absolute must and continues to be the biggest concern for us.

    DL - Starters are all very solid - Darnell Dockett, Dan Williams, and Calais Campbell. They are good making plays while still plugging the gaps required out of DL in a 3-4 scheme. David Carter is very solid off the bench. And we have some veteran depth in Vonnie Holliday and Nick Eason. This is a very, very solid group.

    LB - Inside linebacker seems like a strength. Starters Daryl Washington and Paris Lenon combined for 19 tackles and 3 sacks last week. Backups Stewart Bradley (a total bust last year after coming over from Philly) and Reggie Walker had solid preseasons. Sam Acho and O'Brien Schofield, two young pups with some talent, are our pass rushing OLBs. The have the talent but need to prove they can provide a consistent pass rush, and depth at the position is a concern. A very talented, up and coming bunch with D-Wash, Acho, and Schofield.

    CB - Patrick Peterson is an emerging star at CB, but needs to figure out the frequent PI calls he tends to get. William Gay came over from Pitt this off season and wasn't great in preseason, but knows the scheme well. Jamell Flemming was our third round pick and is a big, physical corner with a lot of potential. He's the nickel, but tends to play outside with Gay in the slot when in the game. Peterson and Flemming both fit DC Ray Horton's scheme perfectly.

    S - Adrian Wilson and Kerry Rhodes are the starters and are solid. Depth is James Sanders (who you all are familiar with) and some young guys in Rashad Johnson and Justin Bethel. The depth is fine in a pinch, but hoping we don't need them to get significant time this year.

    Special teams - Kicker Jay Feely is ok (not the strongest leg, but generally accurate), and punter Dave Zastudil has been booming them this preseason after being awful last year. Patrick Peterson on returns is always exciting! Larod Stephens-Howling returns kickoffs -- he has the potential to take it to the house every time, but has been more conservative this year. One potential overlooked area is our ability to block kicks/punts -- Calais Campbell, Patrick Peterson, and Justin Bethel (rookie 6th rounder who blocked several in preseason) are all very, very good at this. I keep my eye on Bethel every opponent punt/FG try -- he's going to get a few this year. Kickoff/punt return protection has been a bit of an issue this year, and Leon Washington broke big kickoff and punt returns that led to 10 of their 16 points last week.

    Overall offensive scheme -- An uptempo pace out of the shotgun seems to be when both Skelton and Kolb do their best. Doubt we'll be able to hang with the Pats, but it's probably our best bet. Hoping we can get the running game going this week after it was non-existent last week. Larry will get his share of plays/chances, but having the supporting cast at WR/TE also step up is a must for us. Good pass protection, which as I mentioned was much better than expected last week, will be vital and will sink us if our unproven tackles get abused all game.

    Overall defensive scheme -- Horton loves to show a ton of looks and bring pressure from all over the field. We are a pressure defense. The DEs job is to occupy space, but they are also talented playmakers. Acho/Schofield generating an outside pass rush is vital. Secondary is very talented if we can get enough pressure and make their jobs easier. I think this defense is going to be top 10 in the league this year, so as mentioned earlier I am very, very interested how they will look against an elite offense on the road.

    If it is a close game and it comes down to special teams, we have the playmakers to turn the game in this area of the game.

    If anyone has any specific questions on our team, I'm happy to stick around and answer whatever questions you guys have. Last week was a pleasant surprise when we were home underdogs, so very curious to see how we will look in week two. As I mentioned, it's going to be a very, very uphill climb and pretty much everyone is expecting the loss , but if we play our very best I don't think it is an impossible mission on Sunday.

    Good luck and good health to all!!
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  6. gmabel830

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  7. Gwedd

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    Thanks for coming aboard and as the others say, welcome!

    You'll find PatsFans to be a pretty good forum, with most of the bashing being between us, rather than outsiders. We value good discussion, witty remarks and all insight into other teams, football in general, and the Pats specifically.

    Don't be shy. :D
  8. ATippett56

    ATippett56 Pro Bowl Player

    Bobby Massie play left tackle or right tackle last week? How did Massie look in preseason as well as the first game?

    Bobby Massie, OT, Mississippi, NFL Draft - -

  9. Avenger

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    How much does the Arizona offense rely on the run game?
  10. gmabel830

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    Massie is at RT and Batiste is at LT. Massie has times where he clearly looks like a rookie 4th round pick but generally has held up pretty well thus far. He had a pretty good week last week.
  11. Frezo

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    New members are encouraged to put up at least one message in the "Jets Suck' thread. May the Shwartz be with you.
  12. Sciz

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    That defense scares me a little. The DL is explosive enough and there's enough talent in the secondary to make some big plays.
  13. gmabel830

    gmabel830 On the Roster

    Given the OT/QB situation, the prevailing wisdom is that riding Beanie and Ryan Williams was our best bet this year. But Seattle stacked the box all game and totally shut them down. Both Beanie and Ryan Williams are coming back from knee/leg issues last year and over offseason and we're hoping get better as the season rolls along. Hoping we see improvement out of the running game from last week for sure!
  14. Joker

    Joker Supporter Supporter

    I notice you did not post a response to the Patriots going no is your opinion of your defense if they can't get their sub packages on the field?
  15. ATippett56

    ATippett56 Pro Bowl Player

    Thanks for the reply! :D
  16. gmabel830

    gmabel830 On the Roster

    Our premier guys play the majority of the game and are generally strong in both the passing and running games -- I mean, no one stops the Pats offense, but I think we have as good a chance as anyone to contain them as much as one can.
  17. Avenger

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    Not sure if you watched the Pats game, but what do you think about the new Pats D matching up against Cards run game. BTW, how is Michael Floyd doing? I was high on him in the draft.
  18. gmabel830

    gmabel830 On the Roster

    I didn't catch the Pats game, but I heard the run defense shut down CJ2K. All they need to do is watch Seattle's gameplan, as they totally shut down our run game last week.

    Floyd has been slow out of the gates. He had an amazing TD catch in the last preseason game over two defenders, but was relatively quiet the rest of preseason and non-existent against Seattle. He has shown to be very physical, but is slow getting off the ball. I think he'll flash and make a couple of amazing plays this year, but not expecting a ton of production and think it's more of a long-term payoff with him.
  19. woolster22

    woolster22 In the Starting Line-Up

    Sounds like Jones better get in shape...

    That said, I like our front seven against your green/unfamiliar line. Your wr's will be a great test for our secondary, assuming you have time to throw. The rookies showed up against Tennessee, finally giving the defense some impact play making ability we have been waiting for for nearly a decade now. Hopefully they show up again. It will be interesting to see how Vince and Jones hold up with the up tempo offense you work so well.

    Our offense...look out. The ot spot could prove our Achilles heel, however coach scar Is the best in the business, and I never really noticed cannon was on the field until the end of the game (and then just recognized pre snap, not because he was picking up Tf'nB). I can only assume this was to ease vollmer back, and get the kids some much needed reps. Two birds, one stone.

    Sounds like the line will receive a true test. Fortunately for us, the run game seems to be a big play threat for the first time in about a decade (coincidence? I think not, but that's another thread). That should help keep the defense honest buying time for tb. I expect a lot of screens as well, testing some of those corners, getting our better ball handlers possession in the open field where they can make a play for themselves. Expect Sanders to be picked on. He may be a good leader, but he isn't getting any younger, and he wasn't much better than a b- at best in his time here. Great cognitive abilities, simply not too athletic. There's a reason BB let him go in favor of ihegdibo last year (granted most of us would like to know what that was...). He stands no chance against gronkandez in space.

    Should be a good barometer for both teams, but I expect us to handle the task at hand pretty easily. That said, a couple bounces your way and who knows. Maybe a big play or two from fitz swings things in your favor.

    Good luck. It will be fun to watch.

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  20. gmabel830

    gmabel830 On the Roster

    James Sanders is not a starter, and while he might play some he won't be prominent in the game. Peterson, Gay, Jamell Flemming, Wilson, and Rhodes is our nickel package.
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