Butler serving time in backup role

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  1. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member PatsFans.com Supporter

    Butler serving time in backup role by Mark Farinella of the Attleboro Sun Chronicle

    Amazing that a day one draft pick has become a forgotten man on this roster, especially when plays a position that was probably the worst on the Pats team last year.

    Sounds like he does have the "what to say in an interview" portion of his training down already.
  2. TruthSeeker

    TruthSeeker PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    I'm excited about Butler. I think he can be a starting CB in a year or two, do some kickoff/punt return work, and even catch some passes as a receiver. He's gonna be an excellent asset to our defensive backfield for years to come. With Wilhite/Wheatley, Butler, Merriweather & Chung, I'm really excited for the future.
  3. patriot lifer

    patriot lifer In the Starting Line-Up

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    it's good that he's out there for tc. he's getting a ton of reps with the double sessions (along with Wheatley). i look forward to seeing him in the preseason (no doubt against second and third stringers, but nevertheless).
  4. Solryn

    Solryn Rookie

    He was amazing to watch down at Uconn. This was a great pick-up, he has the ability to play multiple positions and to play them very well. I feel he'll be a starting CB by the second half of the year or next year at the latest. For the 1st half of the year he'll be a force on special teams.

    He also has the ability to be returning kicks too if needed or even stepping up into the O as a WR.

    Very talented and smart player.
  5. Sicilian

    Sicilian Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Hopefully he's playing mostly ST and spot duty this year, because that will mean the four guys ahead of him are healthy and doing their jobs.
  6. PushnPencils

    PushnPencils Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Butler will be fine. Smart kid...gifted athlete...born to be corner.

    I remember we were all questioning Meriweather. He looked very lost that first year.

    Butler and Chung will be great players for us in short order.
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