Butch Davis just got fired from North Carolina

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by Frick, Jul 28, 2011.

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  1. Frick

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    Though he was found completely innocent of any wrongdoing by both the NCAA and the University itself, he was released today "Without Cause."

    With the players he's brought in in the last two years, let's pay him around $10M a year to be a scout! At that price, he'd be cheap.
  2. goheels22002

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    About time the Board of Trustees and the child-Chancellor showed they had a pair. UNC had a long history of running clean programs until Butch Davis and his staff turned the football program into a cesspool. He threw his assistants and players under the bus repreatedly even while his babysitter was taking tests and doing players' homework, and his coaches were giving out cash and looking the other way when agents were having hot tub parties. Puh-lease! All that PR that Davis was clean was just him saying he knew nothing about nothing. It was like having Colonel Klink in charge of Stalag 23. Good riddance.

    The NCAA should wake up and allow elite college athletes to hold jobs or get stipends. The NCAA and its high horse is the source of this mess while NCAA and bowl officials get well-compensated for running a multi-billion dollar industry.
  3. Pats Fanatic

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    Just think that if New England couldn't land BB in 2000 the back up plan was good old Butch. We can really count our blessings.
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