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  1. alvinnf

    alvinnf In the Starting Line-Up

    Here is a list of 50 prospects. Pick 2 guys whom set your bustometer off. Players that you feel might not live up to expectations. Not that they won't end up making decent pro's, but will fail to live up to their billing.
    2010 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings
  2. patsfaninpa

    patsfaninpa In the Starting Line-Up

    I'll say Trent Williams - T- Oklahoma. Not as good as Loadholt and Duke Robinson. Neither of them are setting the world on fire and weren't first round picks.

    Secondly, I'll say P.Robinson - CB - FSU. I saw them a few times this year. And, it's hard to tell how db's are doing from tv coverage. But, I do know their defense couldn't stop a warm breeze last year.
  3. Metaphors

    Metaphors In the Starting Line-Up

    I'll submit Robinson as both of my selections. All the talent in the world but without a brain to match. Even poor QBs (and the ACC is full of them) can manipulate this guy without much problem. I swear I even saw a WR point to the stands and say "Look! A Kardashian!" and then run by him for a deep touchdown. I am stoked for the draft but will need to be talked off the ledge if the Pats call his name.
  4. ayjackson

    ayjackson Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Taylor Mays, S
    Sergio Kindel, OLB

    Both ranked far ahead of where I'd be comfortable selecting them.
  5. FreeTedWilliams

    FreeTedWilliams I'm no Mona Lisa Vito.... PatsFans.com Supporter

    #75 Jersey

    Taylor Mays: just doesn't seem to have the heart, I could be completely wrong and he turns out to be the next Ronnie Lott, but everytime I watched him this year, he seemed disinterested at best.

    Jason Pierre-Paul: I think that Selvie got the majority of the attention and in the Big East the RT is not always an NFL caliber player. Plus, of course, French sounding name, which always makes my doubt them...
  6. Badluck

    Badluck On the Game Day Roster

    ricky sapp
    sergio kindle

    i cringe whenever i see a mock that has us taking either one
  7. ForThoseAboutToRock

    ForThoseAboutToRock Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    #50 Jersey

    Jimmy Clausen. Did much less at Notre Dame than Brady Quinn - Brady Quinn isn't even close to being a successful NFL QB.

    I will say that if Eric Berry isn't a pro bowl caliber safety (or CB conversion, whatever the case may be) pretty soon, then he'll have to be considered overrated by draft people who have him the #2 player / #2 pick overall. I'm interested to see how much hype he gets, and then whether he lives up to it his rookie year, or just disappears as a solid contributor in whatever defense picks him up.
  8. ayjackson

    ayjackson Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    like Dumerville?
  9. chevss454

    chevss454 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Clausen. Hard to believe he is rated that highly
    Mt. Cody. That ol boy is gonna eat himself right out of the NFL
  10. Ochmed Jones

    Ochmed Jones Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    #12 Jersey

    Gilyard - Can't get off the LOS against press coverage.

    Clausen - Really should have stayed in college.
  11. TriplecHamp

    TriplecHamp Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    #24 Jersey

    Wait so the guy who has actualy played LB (Kindle) and isnt a conversion project is most likely to bust as a 3-4 OLB :confused:
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2010
  12. carolinatony

    carolinatony In the Starting Line-Up

    Mt. Cody and Taylor Mays
  13. Sciz

    Sciz PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    Ryan Matthews (at 27?! :eek: ) seems to be the kind of guy that is not fast enough to run away from NFL defenders and not big enough to break tackles from NFL defenders. I see him being touted as a "speed and power" back, but I think he's only average at both. To be that high, you need to be good at something.

    Ricky Sapp is a pass rush specialist in our defense. No thank you.
  14. MaineMan

    MaineMan 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Mays and Cody will probably be the most popular picks. I'd also add Trent Williams and Ryan Matthews.

    Williams going as high as #15 would have to carry the expectation of becoming a starting LT and I don't think he'll be good there, though he might eventually become a decent RT.

    Matthews just doesn't have "it" for me. But then none among this RB class do, really. Except maybe for Spiller. Several of them, including Matthews, might turn out to be solid contributing RBBC guys. However, at #27, the expectation is for a lead/feature back and I think Matthews will disappoint in that role.
  15. MaineMan

    MaineMan 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    There are a few knocks on Kindle. If his initial explosion into contact doesn't knock his man off-balance, OR if he can't get around him on the outside swinging wide, his pass rush can be rendered ineffective. He doesn't have a sustained leg drive after initial contact, or the moves to disengage quickly and can get taken out of plays. He reads well and is usually in the right spot to defend, but has serious issues changing direction to recover. Pass coverage is mediocre.

    For the Pats, if we can get somebody else to partner with Mayo on the inside so that Guyton can move outside, I don't see Kindle as being enough of an improvement to be a Top 25 pick. OTOH, he'll probably represent a significant upgrade for some other team (CLE, BUF, etc.), so, in that regard, won't necessarily bust.
  16. Dunlap, no heart.

    Mount cody, fat, immobile, easily winded.
  17. patsfaninpa

    patsfaninpa In the Starting Line-Up

    Metaphor doing what metaphor does best. Throwing them out there. Love it!! "Look! A Kardashian."
  18. MaineMan

    MaineMan 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Kyle Wilson, OTOH . . . .
  19. BritPat

    BritPat In the Starting Line-Up

    #54 Jersey

    Not true. It might have been that way for the first couple of games of the season, but by week three or four teams were focused on doubling JPP, or at least chipping him at the LOS. I've seen quite a lot of footage, and JPP was a much bigger threat, even when doubled.

    As for my choices, Taylor Mays is the biggest train wreck waiting to happen for some time. He makes Roy Williams look like Ed Reed. He's no better than a third round pick.

    The other name is Everson Griffen. Not sold one iota. Doesn't have the speed, the power, the motor, the effort.....buyer beware.
  20. patsfan-1982

    patsfan-1982 In the Starting Line-Up

    Jimmy Clausen, i think he is brady quinn, #2

    Ndamukong Suh, i think he will be a good player but if your a DT that is picked in the top 5 then u have to be at lest half as good as warren sapp, an im not sure he will be.
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