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Bush to help feed people....Or is he?????

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by MosiT, May 2, 2008.

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    According to a story written by Jennifer Loven of the Associated Press, Mister Bush has urged congress to approve 770 million to help alleviate dramatically escalating food prices tat threaten worldwide hunger and increasing social unrest around the world.

    Sounds really good, doesn't it? Nice gesture by Mister Bush, right?

    Well, there appears to be a little more to the story that is hidden in the small print.

    The money, according to the article, to be directed primarily at need African nations, is being included in a broader 70 billion Iraq war funding measure for 009 that the White House also sent to capital hill the same day.

    Why would Bush send the request for the food and add it as an attachment to a war spending bill?

    Why not just send it in as a separate request in a separate bill?

    Obviously they have no intention of giving any money to African nations for food and they obviously intend to blame the democrats for not allowing it to happen if they decide not to approve the Iraq war budget request because this food portion has been attached to it.

    Then Bush and the rest of the crew can say "see, Democrats voted against giving the money for food to the African nations."

    Its a good trick and a good ploy and it will probably work or on the other hand Bush will get his 70 Billion for Iraq because Dems don't want to look like they wont feed hungry Africans.

    In either case it is another case of the slimy administration using deception.

    Bush can easily send the request for food money for Africa in a separate bill request, if he wanted to. But will he? Probably not because those that tell Bush what to do know that the American people will fall for the trick and blame the Democrats.

    I have to hand it to them though, they certainly know how to use slime and they certainly know that a good portion of the American public is easily led and that they are so dumb that they never read past the headline.

    Some of them even reside in this forum, I think.

    I can hear it now from Hannity and Limbaugh...

    "Dems Refuse To Feed The Hungry"

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