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Bush = Bonds

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by scout, Apr 14, 2006.

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    As I was reading the latest saga of Barry Bonds in this morning newspaper, it occurred to me how much Bush and Bonds are similar. One sub heading, "San Francisco fans prefer to ignore the controversy surrounding Barry Bonds and treat him with adulation". Just like Bush's neo backers, they refuse to look at the facts and stand by their man. Here are some comments from Bay area fans: "Do I care? No, not at all," fan Robert Vickers said. "Whatever it takes to hit home runs, people have been cheating their whole life. Barry Bonds, with or without steroids, could have accomplished just what he's done." Sounds like the ol' everybody does it and American soil hasn't been attacked due to Bush's strategy. How do you spell denial? Another: "Barry is ours", said Debbie Durst, a season ticket holder. "He's been putting butts in seats since he came here in 1993". As compared to the Bush voters in 2001 who dismissed all of Bush's incompetence, as long as we put a Republican in the seat.
    What's ironic on the Bush comparison, one would have to presume that the majority of these fans, being from the Bay area, are liberals. Bonds is currently under investigation for perjury concerning lying to a grand jury. We don't know yet if Bush lied to the grand jury regarding Valerie Plume, although his accomplice Libby was indicted for lying. Bush's entourage includes Secretary Rice, "Its not like we knew they would fly airplanes into buildings". Mark McGuire who inspired Bonds to up his steroid anti, I'm not here to talk about the past. The majority of Americans disaprove of Barry Bonds just as they disaprove of George Bush. Both are facing possible court dates that could end both careers.

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