Building your own Patriots’ roster depth chart position by position - Week 5 OL

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  1. Building your own Patriots’ roster depth chart position by position - Week 5 OL

    Yes, I know I missed a week. I was too busy and at least we had minicamp to talk about. This whole "Building your own Patriots’ roster depth chart" thread is just to keep me going through the offseason.

    Current Roster: C: Brian Barthelmes (6’6â€, 288), Dan Koppen (6’2â€, 296), Gene Mruckowski (6’2â€, 305) G: Russ Hochstein (6’4â€, 305), Logan Mankins (6’4â€, 307), Stephan Neal (6’4â€, 305), Nick Steitz (6’3â€, 315), Dan Stevenson (6’5â€, 300), Ross Tucker (6’4â€, 316)), Billy Yates (6’2â€, 305) T: Wesly Britt (6’8â€, 314), Jon Doty (6’7â€, 300), Brandon Gorin (6’6â€, 308), Randy Hand (6’6â€, 305), Nick Kaczur (6’4â€, 319), Matt Light (6’4â€, 305), Ryan O’Callaghan (6’7â€, 344), Jeff Roehl (6’4â€, 300)

    We could look at the OL roster depth a few different ways. I am going to try to look at each of the five positions separately. Some players are in contention for depth at multiple positions. The starters might be pretty well set other than RT and injuries, but there could be interesting competition for the backup positions.

    LT – Light seems to be recovering well and I think this job is still his. Kaczur filled in OK last year, but I don’t think he replaces Light as the starter. Kaczur remains the primary backup LT with Britt maybe providing some competition. Even if Kaczur wins the starting RT role he might be the backup LT if Light is injured. I believe Roehl and Doty are also LTs, but I don’t think either one has much chance of making the roster.

    LG – Mankins has already shown signs of why he was a first round draft pick. The primary backup is likely to be Hochstein. Tucker might provide some competition for the backup role.

    C – Koppen is the starter if healthy, but I am not sure he will be ready at the start of the season. If Koppen is not ready, then Hochstein will likely be the starter. Tucker and Mruckowski may provide some competition and depth if Koppen or Hochstein is injured. Stevenson and Barthelmes can also play center.

    RG – The Pats managed to keep Neal and I believe he will remain the starter. There could be some interesting competition for the backup RG spot. Do we use a backup interior OL in this spot or could a backup RT be moved to RG if Neal is injured?

    RT – Probably the most open competition of any of the 5 OL positions. Gorin is the incumbent, but I look for strong competition from Kaczur, Britt and O’Callaghan.

    I expect the Pats will carry 8 or 9 OL with backups who can play any of the 3 interior OL positions (Hochstein, Mruckowski, Tucker or maybe one of the rookies) and backup tackles who can play either LT or RT (Kaczur, Britt) getting the edge. I do not see Gorin or O’Callaghan as having as much position flexibility so they may have to win a roster position based on being one of the top RTs alone. O’Callaghan does stand out as being a big man among big boys. Maybe BB wants to get bigger to improve the running game?

    We may not have a dominant OL, but I think we are deeper than in previous years.
  2. patsox23

    patsox23 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    My starters (and primary backups):

    LT - Matt Light (Nick Kaczur)
    LG - Logan Mankins (Ross Tucker)
    C - Russ Hochstein (Dan Koppen - flip-flop these two @week 4)
    RG - Stephen Neal (Ryan O'Callaghan)
    RT - Nick Kaczur (Wesley Britt)

    Other - Dan Stephenson (OG/C)

    Surprise(-ish) cut - Brandon Gorin
  3. pats1

    pats1 Moderator Supporter

    My starters (and primary backups)

    LT - Matt Light (Brandon Gorin)
    LG - Logan Mankins (Gene Mruczkowski)
    C - Dan Koppen (Russ Hochstein)
    RG - Stephen Neal (Ross Tucker)
    RT - Nick Kaczur (Ryan O'Callaghan)
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  4. patsox23

    patsox23 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Not a fan of MrcAlphabet, but it's as plausible a group as I put together.
  5. mgteich

    mgteich Veteran Supporter

    After arguing for several years why we should keep nine instead of eight, now I argue for nine instead of ten. I think we need five inside and four OT's. We couild keep a tenth if Koppen's projected availablity is unknown, but PUP is more likely in that case.

    I don't think as much of Britt or Mruczkowski as some other posters.
    For me, there are four sets of players: 5 starters, 2 game day backups, 2 inactive backups and the practice squad.


    Gorin and Tucker
    These two can cover the entire OL, and are vets who can come in for a few plays without preparation.

    (moving Hoch to backup and Tucker to inactive.

    He is the sleeper on this team, and could press Neal. He was a tackle in college and is projected as a RG in the pros.


    Britt and Mruczkowksi
    They certainly could win spots. Personally, I think it unlikely as of now.
  6. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    Gorin stinks, cutting him will not be a surprise but a relief to me. However, they just might keep him as 'experienced' depth. But I doubt it, and that is why they got two O-linemen in the draft who are competent and will fit in as good back-ups.


    Callahan, Koppen, Stevenson back-ups

    Gene M-ski, Tucker, Gorin fight for one spot.....
  7. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    Unless Koppen starts the first week, I don't think he automatically replaces Hochstein. If Hochstein does his job, Belichick will go with the 'hot hand'. Remember, Hochstein is under contract for years to come, and it may be his job to lose. If he struggles, in comes Koppen.....
  8. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    Gorin gets traded to either Mike Martz (Lions) or Green Bay for a 'conditional' seventh round pick!
  9. mgteich

    mgteich Veteran Supporter

    If Callaghan is the Game Day backup, they will have to shift Kaycur to LT if Light is out even for one play, since neither Callaghan or Koppne can backupm at LT. Dante usually perfers to have the two backups being able to step in at each positon, so that two switches aren't necessary. We have gone with two switches in the past though.

    I suspect that you have Stevenson (as the #8 OL) higher than anyone else.

    BTW, if Koppen isn't ready to start, I suggest that wither Tucker or Mruc needs to make the team as backup center.

    Finally, you forgot Britt, many people's favorite to beat out Gorin for a roster spot.

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  10. 5 Rings for Brady!!

    5 Rings for Brady!! In the Starting Line-Up

    Or I have Gorin lower than everyone else....

    I think if Kaszur plays LT, than Callahan plays RT.

    Like I said, they may keep Gorin for 'experienced depth'.

    Stevenson is learning gaurd and center, and sounds to me like one of these lunchpail types like Koppen, Andruzzi, Kaszur, Hochstein, who can step in and play okay in a pinch.
  11. pats1

    pats1 Moderator Supporter

    Based purely on what we saw in 2005 in terms of playing time and game day activity, Mruczkowski is valued ahead of Tucker in the Patriots' eyes.

    Gene stepped in sporadically at LG when Mankins shifted out or to LT when Ashworth went to FB.

    The only game during the regular season when Tucker was active was in Week 17, when Samuel, Dillon, Bruschi, Hawkins, Graham, Green, and Johnson were all out with injuries. Yates was also active.

    Mruczkowski was active in 7 games.

    His tenure in the Pats' system is going on 3 years now, and he's progressed into the main G/C backup (when Hochstein was starting).

    Even Yates may have been ahead of Tucker on the depth chart (active in 4 games):

    Both Kaczur and Mruczkowski were inactive for the Denver game. Tucker and Yates were consequently active.

    I was thoroughly disgusted from what I saw with Gorin. Hopefully he will be relegated to the backup RT - only - after we saw his performance at LT on Halloween 2004.

    Here's wishing O'Callaghan can step in an provide the depth that Ashworth did last year backing up both tackle positions (Ashworth wasn't a lousy starter, either) - although I hear O'Callaghan is projected as a guard in the NFL. If not, Britt is next in line.

    Ah, how great training camp will be.
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  12. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks Supporter Supporter

    Substance abuse is very, very naughty! :nono:

    Brandon is a decent journeyman at OT, I'd prefer to see him move inside to OG where I think he would be much more effective after a short adjustment period.
  13. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks Supporter Supporter

    69 Ross Tucker G
    Height: 6-4 Weight: 316
    Year: 5 Yrs/Pat: 1
    Acquired: FA-05
    School: Princeton
    Born: Mar 2, 1979

    Career Transactions
    Signed as a free agent on Dec. 13, 2005.
    Career Highlights
    Career GP/GS: 42/24 (1/0/0/1)
    2005 Season
    2005 (1/0/0/2): Tampa Bay (12/17): Inactive. at N.Y. Jets (12/26): Inactive. Miami (1/1): Saw limited action at left guard and on field goal block units.

    2005 Postseason (1/0/0/1): Jacksonville (1/7): Inactive. at Denver (1/14): Played on special teams protection units.

    Just my contrarian take Mike, but I think Tucker has a shot at being a bit more competitive with a full Off-Season Program/Training Camp under his belt. :D
  14. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks Supporter Supporter

    Swiping Malaysia's handy current roster paragraph...

    Current Roster: C: Brian Barthelmes (6’6â€, 288), Dan Koppen (6’2â€, 296), Gene Mruckowski (6’2â€, 305) G: Russ Hochstein (6’4â€, 305), Logan Mankins (6’4â€, 307), Stephan Neal (6’4â€, 305), Nick Steitz (6’3â€, 315), Dan Stevenson (6’5â€, 300), Ross Tucker (6’4â€, 316), Billy Yates (6’2â€, 305) T: Wesly Britt (6’8â€, 314), Jon Doty (6’7â€, 300), Brandon Gorin (6’6â€, 308), Randy Hand (6’6â€, 305), Nick Kaczur (6’4â€, 319), Matt Light (6’4â€, 305), Ryan O’Callaghan (6’7â€, 344), Jeff Roehl (6’4â€, 300)

    Lets reorder it a bit:

    Returning Starters:
    LT Light and Kaczur
    LG Mankins
    OC Koppen and Hochstein
    RG Neal
    RT Gorin

    Roehl - Career GP/GS: 12/2 - LT/LG/RT
    Mruczkowski - Career GP/GS: 20/0 - LG/OC/RG
    Tucker - Career GP/GS: 42/24 - LG/OC/RG/RT
    Yates - Career GP/GS: 7/0 - LG/RG

    Practice Squad Players - college position:
    Britt - OT
    Doty - OT/TE

    Rookies - college position:
    Steitz - OG
    O’Callaghan - OT
    Hand - OT
    Stevenson - OG
    Barthelmes - OG/OC

    LT: Light's primary competition is Kaczur, who is returning from a late season shoulder injury which may have put him behind some in the off-season program. If Britt or Doty show they can be competitive at this level as reserves behind Light and Kaczur, including cross-training at other positions, they have the inside track to stick on the Patriots' Practice Squad or make the game day inactives.

    LG: Mankins has no competition. Reserves who are battling to play behind him need to be cross-trained. Tucker is the most experienced in the NFL, Mruczkowski is the most experienced under Dante. Yates is working to develop his skill sets, such as LS and OC. Roehl was not holding up well against the bull rush in NFLE, but like Tucker, can play some OT. My ranking: (1) Tucker/Mruczkowski, (2) Yates, (3) Steitz, (4) Roehl/Stevenson, (5) Barthelmes

    OC: Koppen may or may not be ready to start the season, Hochstein will. Here Mruczkowski has a slight edge over Tucker having been in the system longer, with more practice time alongside Mankins and Neal.

    RG: Neal has no real competition. Hochstein is the most experienced behind him. Tucker/Mruczkowski/Yates have done nothing here to seperate one from the other. I actually would consider Gorin to have a slight edge over Mruc and Yates. Bottom line, reserve RG is competitive and closely tied to cross-training skill sets.

    RT: Gorin is the returning starter, Kaczur is his primary competition. Both were held out of mini-camp for rehab giving Britt the starting line slot there. This speaks well of Britt and promises some decent competition for RT in camp. Gorin gets the edge for being experienced. O’Callaghan and Hand were lead foots in the Senior Bowl and Shrine Game respectively. If BB seriously thinks O’Callaghan will be plucked off waivers by someone wanting a bruiser, then wait for the first booboo and IR him. Perhaps a year with the trainers to take off 20 pounds and convert some of the ballast to muscle, as well as explosiveness and foot speed drills, will bring him close to Patriot norm and improve his foot speed against edge rushers.

    My best guess - 9 OL:
    Light, Mankins, Hochstein, Neal, Kaczur start the season.
    Koppen PUP.
    Gorin, Britt, Tucker, Mruczkowski Reserves.
    Stevenson, O’Callaghan Practice Squad
    Yates, Roehl, Steitz, Barthelmes, Hand, Doty Shadow Roster.

    If I have to project players to IR (okay, okay, I do!): O’Callaghan, Barthelmes - they seem the two who have the most need for time with the trainers based on weight. Doty's history suggests he is Dante Practice Squad material, so I would pick him to go there in place of O’Callaghan.

    Rank by Height, starters in bold - just for grins:
    6'8" Britt
    6'7" O’Callaghan/Doty
    6'6" Gorin/Barthelmes/Hand
    6'5" Stevenson
    6'4" Light/Mankins/Neal/Hochstein/Tucker/Kaczur/Roehl
    6'3" Steitz
    6'2" Koppen/Yates/Mruczkowski

    Rank by Weight, starters in bold - just for giggles:
    344 O’Callaghan
    319 Kaczur
    316 Tucker
    315 Steitz
    314 Britt
    308 Gorin
    307 Mankins
    305 Light/Neal/Yates/Hochstein/Mruczkowski/Hand
    300 Roehl/Stevenson
    296 Koppen
    288 Barthelmes

    Okay Db, rock and roll! :singing: (and no fair taking out pre-wedding jitters on me. ;) )
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