Buffalo fans sour grapes

Discussion in 'Visiting Locker Room' started by stephens44, Sep 6, 2013.

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    Dude.... you would be sour too if you had to get up at 3:30 am to shovel the snow off your car in july. Of course I live in florida so Im spoiled anyway.
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    on the bills forum...is this their SB?
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    I agree. This is why I noted, "Great neighborhoods." Baltimore is a good comparison in that respect as it has gentrified neighborhoods (though it doesn't have Buffalo's aesthetic appeal). The poverty means crime in the poor areas. The center of Buffalo is rich with million dollar mansions, lots of arts, really good restaurants, etc. The Sabres are a plus. But dealing with a crooked City Hall makes the place less than ideal. The are a lot of negatives.

    Your description, by the way, would apply to every city in the northeast except for New York and Boston. Then again, I liked Boston in the 1980s, when Newbury Street was rough & tumble, when a beer at the Pour House meant you were sitting next to a biker and not a yuppie in a suit. Central Square, I guess, is still charming in that way, but the Back Bay has gone the way of what I associate with midwestern malls.
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    it really is fantastically transparent how self-serving other fans criticisms of the Pats are. The ONLY fans on earth who think Wilfork is remotely dirty are the Bills because of a singular obviously incidental play six years ago. Even Jets fans don't talk about Wilfork and they're desperate for material at this point. Likewise Ravens fans still never shutup about how Brady "constantly whines to officials" because of one game 4 years ago when Suggs when knee-hunting and Ray Lewis went on a typical incoherent post-game tirade about it. It's like some weird awful-city-time-warp bubble they're all trapped in.

    I mean, you can point out that Wilfork is like the epitome of class and everything you want in a player to Bills fans, or debunk they myth that Brady has ever gotten more calls than any other QB or had the "Brady rule" and not the Carson Palmer rule called in his favor, but they just stick their fingers in their ears and carry on. At this point it's so obvious where it comes from that I just laugh.
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    On the other hand, this comment does put things into perspective. We've been quite lucky the last decade or so.
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    eh.... It's a pretty lame, and mostly tame, thread with plenty of rational posters and not all that many dumbasses, so more power to them. They're being a damned sight more civilized than the assclowns on Jetsinsider would be.

    Then again, a bunch of nomadic cannibals would be more civilized than the JI group.
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    No offense........ I lived in Rochester for over 40 years prior to moving out west . Visited buffalo 2-3 times a month (1-2 days at a time) for at least the last 15-18 years of it. It's an quick 60 miles away........ Beyond living there, I think I'm eminently qualified to comment about the area. It straight up sucks.... Plain and simple.

    Architecture is cool, and the wings kick *****, but beyond that...... the city is a dump. I do not hate their fans either...... I just feel sorry for them. As for their team, I hate them...... just not nearly as much as the Jest, Raven, Broncos, ect.... you know....... teams that actually field competitive teams year after year.

    That thread is actually sad to read. Have the posters seem retarded in their hate that they can barely string a coherent sentence together. Seriously read it from front to back. It'll make you feel sad for the.
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    Well to be fair, we as fans suffer from this skew too. He may have a reputation with other teams, but I'm pretty sure no other fan base is as convinced as we are that Bernard Pollard snuck out of one of the nine gates of hell with the sole purpose of annihilating Patriot limbs.

    Though I will agree that calling Big Vince dirty is far more absurd.

  10. upstater1

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    It depends on how much northeastern grit you can take. I listed the cities I've lived in already, and found Buffalo to be better than them. I actually taught at the University of Rochester and decided to LIVE in Buffalo and commute the 50 miles every day!!! So, surprised to hear you lived in Rochester for 40 years. I lived there for 1 and decided to get out because at least stuff was happening in Buffalo. I did catch some games with the Patriots fan club out there.
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    Providence is a much nicer city now then when I first moved out of it in the early 90s.
  12. Triumph

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    Hey, when the Bills had Kelly, Levy and those great Buffalo teams I didnt hate them. I admired the Bills and wished the Pats were as good as them.

    Bills fans can talk about the Pats almost moving to Conn all they want, but the Bills are in danger of moving as well. The Bills dont generate the revenue of other teams with new stadiums and it remains to be seen how long this will continue. There was a plan to move the Bills across that border to Toronto because many Canadian corporations have their headquarters based there and would pay handsomely for luxury boxes. Presently, Bills tickets are some of the cheapest in the NFL.

    With the Pats success have come many bandwagon fans that only care about winning and bragging about it after like they are part of the team. Ive seen them at road games making axxes of themselves.
  13. Patriot_in_NY

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    I will give you that...... There is more happening in Buffalo, then ROC.... but that ain't zackly saying much :)

    Fact is, both are dying upstate NY cities that were once much better then they are now. Pittsburgh and Cleveland have somewhat been able to revitalize themselves, and perhaps Buffalo will be able to as well. I'm not as well traveled (living wise) as you, but I now live in Albuquerque, NM and it blows Western NY out of the water in just about every way.
  14. upstater1

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    I agree, I was there recently. It does blow away Buffalo for ethnic food. Other food, not so much. I left Providence after the Mall was built (which I'm not a fan of). The thing Prov. has that is great is you're 35 minutes away from places like Horseneck Beach, etc. Still think Buffalo is prettier and has more life, but for the latter reason (and being close to the Patriots) those would be big draws for me.
  15. Patjew

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    I can't speak for Buffalo but Providence has one of the most vibrant cultural scenes in the country per capita. RISD is a big reason for that of course. And I haven't seen a prettier urban area then College Hill. An awesome music scene as well, some of which comes from Warren, strangely enough. Say what you want about the crook, but CIanci really turned the city around in many respects. Unfortunately, the city is still broke and the school suck. I get sick of paying more than 10 grand a year in taxes for nothing and thus resulted in my sad Exodus to the suburbs.

    I'm sure that was all fascinating for you for folks.
  16. upstater1

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    Eh, I couldn't live in Albuquerque, so to each his own. Pittsburgh has come up a lot, I agree, Cleveland has not, by comparison with Buffalo or Pitt. How long you been away? Not only was Buffalo once much better than it is now, it was also much worse.

    They put a billion dollars into new projects recently, and they're all finished. It was private money, a lot of it from local developers, about half from out of the region. Now the state is jumping in with a billion. There has been a huge build up. Home values have skyrocketed over the last 5 years.
  17. upstater1

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    It is fascinating. I love Providence. I lived on Wickenden Street. I like College Hill. I was simply doing a comparison.

    Providence has incredibly underrated ethnic food, like Apsara's to the south or Garibaldi's Mexican way up Federal Hill. I found the Italian food there to be wildly overrated, and I have a better Italian restaurant here in Buffalo and it's 100 meters from my house. I think the comparison with Buffalo simply has to do with the fact that Buffalo has fallen a long way from its status as one of the richest cities around, but the old bones still remain even as poverty here is pretty bad (it's like Providence in the sense that the city center has million dollar homes everywhere and the outskirts are very poor).

    Boston used to be that way too until they started building all those places in the South End. I actually liked the new South End neighborhoods in Boston, but I remember practicing with my band there in the 1980s and being held up--instruments stolen.
  18. crew1954

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    The 'finest' hotel in Buffalo is the 3 star Hyatt conference center, basically a vertical Marriott Courtyard.

    Where did it get the moniker" The city of lights"?

    These 2 would be annoying for Buffalo, Jets or Miami fans, as I suspect they are true:

    7) the announcer always talk about how they walk on water the entire game.

    8) when you beat them the media writes about what's wrong with them not what's right with you.
  19. Patriot_in_NY

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    Most people who say they couldn't live in ABQ have never been here and don't have the first clue about life here so pardon me if I don't put much stock in that. I've only been away from WNY for less then a year, so I'm not that far out of the loop. Spent a week there (Buffalo) as recently as March (Near Deleware and Chippawa). That area is okay and much improved over past years but hardly what I would call a great nightspot.

    But I get it.... It's your home and you should have pride in it. I'm glad that you like it. Over 40 years, I grew to despise WNY.......... The weather sucks except for a few short months, the people are not nearly as friendly as I've found in other areas of the country......... and it's part of NYS, which is the absolute worst state to live in in the country. That's just my opinion.

    We can agree to disagree.
  20. Patjew

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    The thing about these NE cities is how fast you can end up in a sketchy area! The Italian restaurants on Federal Hill are overrated but you can't beat Al Forno or Bacarro. The longer I'm in Barrington, the more I miss PVD.

    Anyway, I've only been through Buffalo. When you folks are ready to analyze Shenzhen or Suzhou, I'm your man.

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