Bucs the sleeper on Cassel?

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by j00fek, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. j00fek

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  2. Patriot Missile

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    Re: Bucks The Sleeper on Cassel?

    Majority vote so far seems that most fans with a possible interest with Cassel are not down with dealing away alot of picks. Never mind 2 #1s. I wouldn't be either on a 1 year commodity.

    At this point I'd be happy with a 1st and 3rd this year and a 2nd next season.
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  3. Box_O_Rocks

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    Re: Bucks The Sleeper on Cassel?

    The more I read of other team's fans, the more I'm convinced the more obnoxious so-called fans torching the Cassel bandwagon with their molotov's are truly trolls.
  4. Sean Pa Patriot

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    Re: Bucks The Sleeper on Cassel?

    the milwaukee Bucks are interesed in Cassel??? Wow he is really in demand:D
  5. Brady'sButtBoy

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    Re: Bucks The Sleeper on Cassel?

    If Gruden was still in Milwaukee, uh, Tampa, IMHO there'd be a better chance of trading Cassel to the Buc's. Somehow, the vibe just doesn't seem right for the moment. For quite some time, Tampa had been a sleeper site of mine for Cassel to land until Chucky was fired. It still makes sense for the team but they may be feeling the 'rebuilding year' bug, meaning no major trading of draft picks.

    The fact still remains the Bucs would be as good or better than any team in their division just by adding Cassel, so who knows. Make that as good any team in the NFC, not just the NFC south.
  6. g-fresh

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    Re: Bucks The Sleeper on Cassel?

    I wouldn't count them out, with a new coaching staff coming in I wouldn't be surprised to see them want to get some stability and leadership a QB. Having a QB controversy coming into camp next year would not be the way I would want to start out as a new coach.
  7. mayoclinic

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    Re: Bucks The Sleeper on Cassel?

    I'm not sure I agree with this. Gruden coached the Bucs for 7 years and never invested in developing a long-term QB. That was one of the big raps on him. The Glazers want to win now, and they have a contending team with a solid QB. They don't have a good option right now, much less a long-term solution. Neither Stafford or Sanchez will be available at #19, and Freeman would be a long shot. They have a history of trading picks for players, and while they may be less reluctant to overspend now then in the past I think that they would be willing to pull the trigger to solve their dilemma at QB. Trading Cassel for #19 plus a conditional 2010 pick (base 3rd round; 2nd rounder with performance incentives or if they make the playoffs; 1st rounder if they make the SB) would seem reasonable.
  8. LloydBraun

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    Re: Bucks The Sleeper on Cassel?

    The Glazers paid top dollar in casha nd trade for Gruden, they will not hesitate to be aggressive if they truly want Cassel.
  9. jmt57

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    I went to the two main Bucs boards to get a better feel for how their fans are thinking, and my head hurt. One guy thinks the Pats are now $23 million over the cap. Another thinks the Pats will have to give Brady a new contract because Cassel will be paid twice as much as Tom. One fan thinks the Bucs should offer no more than a 3rd round pick. Several others are convinced that he's a one-year wonder, and therefore Tampa Bay is better off with a rookie drafted last year who did not dress for a single game.

    And of course the most common comment was the same as other teams fans seem to be repeating, that any QB could do well in NE with BB, Moss, Welker and 'the best offensive line in the NFL.' Several are unaware that the Bucs can make a trade for less than two firsts and a;most nobody is aware that they can work out a deal with Cassel for less than $14 million - even though the team was trying to trade for Jared Allen, who was franchised by the Chiefs just last year.

    I'm not making this up; if you don't believe me check out these threads.

    Matt Cassel franchised
    Top 10 Free Agent QB's
    Patriots franchise Cassel
    Trade for Brady instead of Cassel

    Regardless of what the fans are saying, Tampa Bay may be the most logical possible landing point for Cassel. They already have a decent team (9 wins last year), they have plenty of cap space to pay him and also go after another big name free player (Haynesworth, Peppers, Houshmandzadeh), they would not be giving up a top ten pick (Tampa Bay picks 19th), and they need a QB (Garcia is a free agent and won't be returning, and his backup Griese is a free agent too).
  10. JSn

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    Re: Bucks The Sleeper on Cassel?

    Not so sleepy. I expect them to be players in the grab-a-pats-QB game in a couple weeks.
  11. Wildo7

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    Re: Bucks The Sleeper on Cassel?

    Fans of other teams still don't seem to understand that any GM who isn't brain dead would prefer a QB that has proven he can do it at the NFL level over a high QB draft pick. They get hung up on Cassel's draft position and college resume and don't realize that it's totally irrelevant at this point. I understand the view that Cassel was "made" by Welker, Moss, BB and a good OL, but I don't totally agree with it. Being an NFL QB is mostly work ethic and mental ability, both of which Cassel has proven he has. If they are such a terrible team that a hard working smart QB can't fulfill their needs then no QB is going to succeed there.
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  12. Real World

    Real World Moderator Staff Member

    Re: Bucks The Sleeper on Cassel?

    I agree. I look at it this way. the Pats are looking for a 1st round pick, and likely one from a team picking somewhere in the 15-25 range, more or less. when you consider the QB's taken in that range of the first round, it's not all that good. You're talking about guys like JP Losman & Kyle Boller. Even guys taken on the top don't necessarily pan out, and are a 50/50 crap shoot. Guys like Alex Smith, David Carr, Joey Harrington, etc. It's why a team in a competitive situation, ala TB, Minny, the Bears, etc. are much better off trading the 19th pick per say, for a Matt Cassel. Cassel afford them an opportunity to win now, while those others may never win at all.
  13. mesoslo

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    At the pro bowl tikki barber did an interview with ronde barber, and ronde barber mentioned that the bucs need an offense, he said the bucs are known for defense but they now need to get and offense that can score a lot of points, Iam guessing he is hinting to the new coach that they should get a QB.
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  14. Brettlax3434

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    Re: Bucks The Sleeper on Cassel?

    haha well put
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