BSM's take on Borges recent rants

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Sep 5, 2006.

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    excellent read... new name for borges="toadie"... from now on, i will only be referring to wrong, "no access" borges as "toadie"
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    A must read.......
  4. since67

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    Borges' rants could lead to...

    :eek: PTSD - Post Traumatic Sportswriter Disorder :eek: :

    An anxiety disorder associated with reading sports articles by writers (Felger, Borges, et al.) who hold more disdain than esteem for their affiliated home team and characterized by such symptoms as survivor guilt, reliving the trauma in dreams, numbness and lack of involvement with reality, or recurrent thoughts and images.
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    I agree, BSMW provides excellent insight into this man's ramblings and serious shortcomings... I wonder if Ron ever pays attention to this or the BSMW sites??
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    well, let me put it this way - in August Ron included a positive blurb about an article written by Bill Barnwell of Football Outsiders on Deion Branch's potential future value based on a statistical analysis of similar players.

    Though Bill writes regularly for FO, he is working with us this fall doing exclusive Patriots content. The above linked column did not appear on FO; it appeared exlclusively on GDRV, which can only be accessed (see below) through BSMW.

    Yet Ron wrote about it in great detail.

    So you tell me.
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  7. Brady-To-Branch

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    Felger has really gone downhill.

    I don't bother reading him anymore.
  8. jczxohn1

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    Particularly liked "shrieking panic monger" comment re: Felger's "Lack of Depth" column today.
  9. SVN

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    not to mention this one in the bsm home page -
    ".I struggled to find the point of Lenny Megliola's column today...yeah, Bill Belichick is dry, and doesn't say a whole lot. Yeah, he's a good coach too. Where's the story here? I did find this line curious though: "it’s fair to say that at the least this team has to make the playoffs, and get by the second-round this time, or else they become the Bruins." What?"

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