BSM's analysis on Moss trade

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Apr 29, 2007.

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  2. chunkypony

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    ANyone doubting this trade should read this:

    "Branch for Moss and a #1 pick."

    That is all.
  3. sarge

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    That is exactly true. And the 49ers first round pick at that!
  4. TruthSeeker

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  5. maverick4

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    (in the guinness voice):
  6. fgssand

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    Welcome back to the bandwagon Scott99!!

    You saw the, you must drop down and give me 100 push ups and promise to never, ever doubt BB/SP again.
  7. shmessy

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    Good for Scott99! I, too, was a little impatient last night, but felt there had to be a valid reason for it all.

    In the meantime, I'm sure you won't hear any similarly classy mea culpa's from McBee:

    (last night)
    "Pats trade a pick #91and says buffalo has it and then stops updating.

    Then this message board goes down for about 45 minutes. Great board.

    Anyway the pats are stupid for trading the pick. I said they'd trade it as a JOKE.

    They think they need no help this year? Are you kidding? Well I guess that's what they believe, what do I know.

    Could have had Bradley if they traded up just a tiny bit or Bush...would Bush have been an UDFA?"
  8. TruthSeeker

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    I have seen the light !! And have done my 100 pushups. Odd thing was, I had a feeling we had traded our #3 last night for Moss, so I was disgusted that we hadn't, and went to sleep pissed off. Then I wake up this morning, and find out that we got Randy freakin Moss !!! Now I could care less who we pick.

    3)traded for Oaklands 2008 #3

    The rest, who cares......I would've liked some LB's and a backup RB, but I guess us NOT picking a RB means Maroney is ok. That's more good news. Moss and Stallworth mean no more 8 men in the box !!! wooohooo !!
  9. VJCPatriot

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    I think that every New England Patriots fan is delighted by the Randy Moss news. The fans that were depressed yesterday are now coming off the ledge and drinking the Koolaid with everyone else. I'm also sure that all non-Patriot fans let out a huge collective groan. I'm loving it!
  10. Box_O_Rocks

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    "Delighted?" I was delighted with Adalius Thomas, I'm reserved with Moss who I've disliked as a player for some time. BB is rolling the dice, it's a low cost pick (even if I'm silly enough to want to have used it on a young LB), so it's not an unreasonable gamble. Hopefully he'll take advantage of his opportunity to be on the podium in Glendale cuddling a Vince and not live down to his recent past.
  11. zippo59

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    You know Felger and Borges are just itching to write articles about the moral decline of the Patriots after the Meriweather pick and Moss trade.
  12. onegameatatime

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    And they only had rights to Branch for 1 year when they did it.

    I think they save money too.
  13. RayClay

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    Unless Moss steals Schillings sock from the Hall of Fame, this won't be true.:rolleyes:

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