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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Dec 21, 2009.

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    God, Skip Bayless is such a tool.
  4. Gwedd

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    Yup. Professional grade, too. A tool's tool, as it were.
  5. DarrylS

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    Good stuff Tedy B... his insight is invaluable.
  6. Fencer

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    Yeah, that last comment was great.

    Sounds as if the Pats scrunched the D-Line together to reduce its responsibilities, letting it be more effective at the responsibilities that remained.

    If so, it speaks well of the LBs (and SS), who presumably had to pick up the slack.
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  7. unoriginal

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    It's very difficult to think of a hometown analyst with a better eye for the game.
  8. Patspsycho

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    My sentiments exactly.

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    Is Tedy just as good on camera as he was on the field.
  10. GrogansArmy

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    Definitely a good read. Only concern I have is with something that was mentioned:

    I don't know, it just seems we're trying too hard to keep Randy "appeased". I know Randy's a great receiver and all and we do need to utilize him in any way we can, but at the same time I kind of liked it better when Brady would just throw to the open receiver, whoever that may be. Instead of trying to force it to the big guy to keep him happy and get him his yards.

    I dunno its just something I've noticed this year that bugs me a little. I understand Randy needs his numbers, and there may even be some money incentives tied up in that, but at the same time... I'd rather us do whatever it takes to win.
  11. Wheelssps

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    Bruschi mentions about the DL adjustments of simplifying their two gap system for some of their more inexperienced players on the line on Sunday. My question to someone else on this board is this: Did the Pats make their adjustment, stuff the Bills several times, and then the Bills move away from the run more? Or did the Bills see the new look after the opening drive and just move away from the run? I remember being surprised that the Bills weren't running nearly as much after the opening drive and am curious if it more to do with a Pats adjustment or Bills playcalling.
  12. He is the #1 receiver and if he can beat double coverage we need to try and get him the ball. Besides, you always need to get your best players out of a funk as soon as possible. Sorta like giving a RB the ball right after a fumble.

    Hoisting the Lombardi is less likely if he isn't involved.
  13. robertweathers

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    In the 1st series they allowed 5.3 ypc. For the rest of the game they yielded 4.07 ypc. To the eyes, it looked better and statistically it was better.
  14. Wheelssps

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    Fair enough. Thanks for the reply.
  15. PatsFanSince74

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    I read something like that; so succinct and insightful and knowledgeable and then I think about all of the bandwidth we (myself included) spend dissecting our performance and I realize how the game boils down to a few basics every game. Great stuff!
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