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  1. mtbykr

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    Right now on Dale n Holley
  2. RayClay

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    Any highlights? Caught the last 30 seconds.:mad:
  3. mtbykr

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    A few things i remember:

    -He hasn't helped recruit any players, although he would if asked

    -Has a book coming out in late august to help raise stroke awareness (about his stroke) that Holley is writing

    -It was hard at first to open up in the book

    -Waiting for final approval of the book by the final editor (his wife)

    -Exited about the new guys coming in.

    -Said the attitude of the pats is "i'm glad you got your contract, that's great for your get to work"

    -Had lunch with stallworth today

    -Pats have always gameplaned for welker and always thought he was very underated
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  4. FreeTedWilliams

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    Said that Sammy Morris is a great at picking up the blitz,

    Welker was an absolute match-up nightmare for them, glad he is here.

    had lunch with Dante Stallworth after his workout.

    Says EVERYONE in the locker room wants Troy Brown back.

    The book will come out in August after the final editor (Mrs. Bruschi) is done with it.

    Looks forward to the draft to let the new guys know that he expects them to contribute right away to the Pats winning another Championship.

    You gotta love this guy!
  5. MoLewisrocks

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    Thanks for posting this. I caught the tail end. Nice to hear him articulate that the entire team wants Troy back. Cute the way he characterized this as the time of year Pioli is supposed to "just do your job". Hopes he's sleeping in his office...:D

    Sounds like the book is done and will be coming out soon pending Heidi's final edit.

    Sounds like while Tedy doesn't care to get too involved in recruiting talent he sees a big part of his job as being on deck once they are onboard to insure they get the message about how we do things here. Dale said Tedy ate lunch with Stallworth today.
  6. marty

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    I only caught the last 5 min, he said that the whole team is pulling for Troy to be coming back(big surprise:rolleyes: ) and he was looking forward to Thomas being played inside or out, and utilizing his flexibility. Recap said that Tedy had been in working out and had visited with Stallworth when he was done. Looking forward to his book coming out in August. It's going through its final editing with Hedi, and Tedy's very proud of this project, he enjoyed the process and hopes that it will continue his "stroke awareness" campaign.
  7. PATSNUTme

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    Thanks to all for posting this.
  8. PatsWickedPissah

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    Who'd a thunk it that our own former FOTY Karen was SO influential!
  9. Oswlek

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    For someone that many fans aren't that excited about, just about every Patriot goes out of their way to compliment Welker.
  10. Fixit

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    Yeah, but I'm sure Bruschi pitched a fit when he heard about that seventh rounder.
  11. patriotspride

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    can somebody post a link when available please?
  12. marty

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    That reminds me, Tedy also mentioned that when he was younger he didn't really pay much attention to the draft results for his team. While now that he doesn't have as many years to get a championship, he's very interested in the FO drafting rookies that can contribute right away. And that he'll be sure to let the rookies know thati s what is expected of them!:rocker: Let them hear you loud and clear TEDY!!!!!!
  13. Oswlek

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    :rofl: :singing: :singing: :rofl:
  14. PATRIOTS-80

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    thanks for the recap guys.
  15. mtbykr

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    +1 :eat3: :eat3:
  18. shirtsleeve

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    Ya know, I used to HATE and I mean HATE WEEI. But the Dale and Holley show gives the props the team deserves. Only show I really like still though. I know. Micheal Holley wrote Patriot Reign and all, and has an in with the team. Still. It shows a commitment to the team that the station has had these guys still talking Pats all off season. And not to diss them, either. Its a breath of fresh air being rewarded with all of the interviews and on air time with all the players, coaches,and BB and SP, no less. Even last minute unscripted calls from guys like Rodney. They (and only they) give respect. And they get respect back.

    In fact, After a recent interview with Larry Bird, and the tingles they got from talking to him, they immediately mentioned these Patriots and how they already feel the same way, and cant imagine how it would feel 20 years later to interview these guys again. Nice stuff. And earning my listening time every day.
  19. RayClay

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    Thanks y'all.
  20. Mogamedogz

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    You gotta love Freddy Smerlas!!! Come'onnn!! Freddie is like one of us on the Radio... No objectivity...All Pom-Pom's baby!!! :singing:

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