Bruschi/Harrison Middle Defense Question

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    I have to get myself TIVO....there's too much I need to know and I don't have game film to watch it again unless i borrow a sopy from someone.

    My question to the TIVO people here is this:

    Seau is in on many running plays and he was more than Bruschi. I noticed Bruschi was dropping back into coverage alot which Belichick has done that in the past.

    But we seemed a bit soft right there in the interior of the field up to 5 yards beyond the line of scrimmage. whenever there was a tackle there I did not see Bruschi. When there were tackles to either side of the middle I did see Bruschi.

    So...I realized in my disspear from the game going bad that I negelected to see if Rodney was in coverage or was he just there for run support and Bruschi was covering more than Harrison.

    Two Part Question:
    1- Is Rodney being utilized less in coverage this year due to injury?
    His tackle #'s are on par with his past play...I can't see the coverages without film.
    2-Can we hold up against the run with Bruschi doing major coverage work?
    Mcginest used to be great at setting the edge forcing the play inside...
    Perhaps Colvin can not set the edge as well and with Bruschi in coverage we have more softness there in the middle than in the past when healthy?

    Just curious...not complaining...wondering if I'm seeing it right or if anyone has a differing viewpoint. If I'm right...I'm sure Belichick will correct it but at what expense? Sanders is not playing well at all...if Rodney goes down we have huge problems in the middle all over again.
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    Bruschi seems to be playing a little soft to read the offense while Seau is doing more of a run blitz approach - both have been in on coverage and had their ups and downs. Bruschi also seems to be playing behind Seymour more - Sey just doesn't seem to be playing up to his full capability, which may mean a nagging injury. Whichever Sey's issues. it means the Guards don't need to double him as much and can put more time in against Tedy - not to forget that he doesn't have his normal grip wearing the cast.

    Others on the board who've watched Harrison live report his straight line speed is good, but he still doesn't have his lateral speed and change of direction quickness back all the way. I've seen him getting less tentive and being more of the aggressive Rodney of old, give it a little more time.

    As I get to more breakdowns I'll hopefully confirm or correct my impressions.
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    Colvin did over persue a few times on Sunday. One time Bell just bounced outside to where Colvin had contain. Another time, Bell ran it back inside and no one was there to fill the hole since they were manning both their own and Colvin's spot. Rosie has been doing pretty well in run support this year, I'll chalk it up to bad game.

    One reason the Pats were so good vs cut back runners is that their backers would hold their position. That didn't happen on Sunday night.
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    m: 1st and 10
    r: Run, left side, 7 yds.
    o: 2 wide, 2 TE right - motion - flanker right to upright flanker left.
    d: 3-4, CBs soft - no shift off the motion - RILB Seau sneaking up showing blitz.
    b: Zone blocking slant to the left; Colvin goes laterally with the TE and gets 2 yds penetration to force the RB wider; Seymour doubled by LG/LT; Bruschi comes up into the line and is picked up by the LG releasing off Seymour; Wilfork slides with the C and is chop blocked by the RG while engaged with the C - he avoids the dive at his knees; Seau is cut blocked by the RT; Warren throws off the TE, but is too far into the backfield for a good pursuit angle upfield; Vrabel starts out as backside contain, then leaves that to Warren and takes a flat pursuit angle behind the line.
    a: The CBs had to be run off by the WRs, both they and the Ss were slow getting up to help in run support and allowed the RB to get the outside corner despite Colvin’s stringing him wide; Samuel and Harrison came up to make the stop.

    This was the first offensive play for Denver, I felt Colvin did his job and the secondary was too slow getting up to protect the corner.
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    #24 Jersey's been hard to get a gauge on Rodney from TV.
    he used to be in the box more so now it's hard. In the football box..that is Box. :rofl:
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