Brock signs five-year deal to stay with Colts

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by broadwayjoe, Feb 24, 2006.

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    Man I cannot stand Polian.....

    Seems to be an offseason showdown between the teams that sign players and free agents and those, perhaps, smart enough to know better? As BB says, how can you do anything until you know what lies ahead capwise?

    How do the Colts find money to do this or are they headed into a buzzsaw?
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    it amazes me cuz every yr. the colts seem to have a load of money to give towards contracts for star players, yet we are always outta cap room, with a team comprised of so called bargain basement finds. I just dont quite get it. :bricks:
  4. spacecrime

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    Well, it isn't too msmart right now to make contracts not knowing the situation, that's for sure. The better businessmen among NFL owners are being prudent at this time, waiting for the rules to shake out. But even though the Colts are not a "rich" team don't have to be prudent. They can spend more that the "rich" teams because they figure that Kraft and Jerry Jones and dan Snyder will give him the money with increased revenue sharing. Because those three (and others) are good busniessmen, they will make enough money to pay the Colts for whatever mistakes they make.

    And if there is no cap, maybe the NFL will bail them out or make special rules.
  5. fgssand

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    So then, they can pay AV the 3MM that we just don't think is the right thing to do at this time? That's whacked.......
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    That's because half of the Colts roster consists of undrafted free agents and late round draft picks. Usually, when they reach free agency, the Colts can afford to sign them to even league minimum deals so they move on. The Colts don't have a single starting linebacker from last year's team under contract.
  7. workhorse

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    Actually it's probably not a bad idea for the Colts to lock up players for a while if there isn't going to be a cap. Since the Colts don't play in one of the large markets or have one of the richest owners, they may not be able to compete with offers in a cap free NFL. If that's the case then it is smart to sign players before that happens.

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