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Brian Robison & Other Player's of Interest

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by sebman2112, Apr 13, 2007.

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    He's looking very intersting.

    Obviously, he scored the highest out of all LB's & DE's in the Power/Explosion test scoring a 77.51. I recently watched more video of him, and came across the above highlight video on Yahoo.

    Those highlights seem to show the same player the power/explosion test showed. I also really like his size 6'3.1" 259lbs), and think he'd have the perfect combination of size, speed, explosion, power, and intellect to be very effective playing LB in NE's system.

    I'm narrowing my list down, and I'm really starting to think (even more) these players should be of serious consideration:

    OLB LaMarr Woodley(I've been talking to Michigan fans lately to see if they had simular thoughts on Woodley, and I had more than one Michigan fan personally tell me he was the best player on that defense. Woodley scored very high on the power/explosion test, and has very good leadership ability.
    I love that LaMarr's very good off the edge as a pass rusher, very stout against the run, has a high motor, mean streak, and I think he could develop into a SILB within a few years. He'd upgrade the defense in year one just by adding that pass rush, and run stuffing.)

    OLB/ILB Stewart Bradley(I like him and like his size. Stewart scored very high on the power/explosion test, and he fits NE's defense. Stewart has a good pass rush (not on Woodley's level), but he's better in coverage, and he's also good against the run.)

    ILB David Harris (Good fit, I've been told he might have been the second best player on that defense, and was underrated. Some think he's the best 3-4 inside LB in the entire draft. I don't like his short arms, but everything else about him screams perfect match.)

    OLB/ILB Brian Robison (fast, big, powerful, explosive, smart, and has a high motor. NE could probably get him in the third round, which makes him even more appealing. Considering what I've been seeing lately, he could be a steal.)

    SS John Wendling (perfect size, speed, change of direction ability, and intellect to play SS in NE's system. He'd be roaming the secondary for years to come. The only question is level of comp, but considering his physical talents and intellect that shouldn't be a problem.)

    SS Josh Gattis(I like him, and think he could play either FS or SS. He doesn't have the same change of direction ability Wendling has, and I think Wendling might fit the system better, as well.)

    SS Sabby Piscitelli (I've come around on him. I was reading scouting reports to much, and focusing on his negs to much. I've watched more of him the past few weeks, and now I think he'd be a very good SS. He has good speed, size, toughness, very good change of direction ability, and intellect. He's also good on coverage teams. Kind of reminds me of an Archuleta/Lynch clone.)

    OT Joe Staley (With NE moving to more of a zone blocking system his athletic abillity, and strength would be very nice to have. This would also allow NE to move Light over to RT, where he should be.)

    DT/DE Justin Harrell (I've been on this guy since the beginning, and I'm more interested in him now. he's a very good guy, team leader, tough, has a great motor, great size, and would fit NE's defense. With Ty Warren coming up for contract after '08 it would be good to have a built in replacement if Warren doesn't re-up. Mike Wright could be leaving soon, and Hill has been a bust, so Justin could provide depth, and upgrade the line.)

    CB Darrelle Revis (I love his style of play for NE's defense, and to be honest I think he's the best CB in this draft, for NE's defense. He's physical, good against the run, good special teams ability, intelligent, a good guy, and has the talent to come in and start from day one.)

    CB Chris Houston (I love physical play from the CB positon, and physical is Houston's game. I've seen this guy man handle players with 4 inches and 20 pounds on him, and shutdown some of the best WR's in college football. He doesn't backdown from anybody, and if anything he makes them look smaller.
    Chris also scored the highest out of any CB on the power/explosion test. His talent and physicality is there, and the only flaws in his game are coachable. Considering how NE's coaching staff has developed CB's I think Houston could develop into a shutdown corner in NE's system. I also think his physical style of play would allow him to be effective in year one, and he's good on coverage teams.)

    CB Josh Wilson (I love this guy. He's talented, physical, tough, has good leaping ability, and has a very good character. Like Houston he's shutdown bigger receivers and I really like his playing style. If you put two inches on him he'd be the number one CB in this draft, that's how talented he is. His game fits NE's defense, as well.)

    DB CJ Gaddis (He's a bit raw but a physical specimen. Considering NE's ability to develop DB's he'd probably develop very well, and I already like some of the things I noticed from him in '06. Scored very well in the power/explosion test, and would probably make a very good Safety. I'm thinking he'd be a very good fourth round pick.)

    RB Brandon Jackson (Really like his game, and with NE switching to a zone blocking scheme he'd be a great fit. Brandon catches the ball very well, runs inside and outside well, and comes at a decent cost. NE could probably land Brandon in the third or fourth round, which almost seems like a steal to me.)

    RB Lorenzo Booker (Best third down back in this draft, who also has WR ability. His receiving skills are simular to Brian Westbrook's, and his cutback ability is somewhat simular, as well. Lorenzo's footwork kind of reminds me of DeAngelo Williams'. Booker is very elusive at the second level, and he's a threat to take it the distance. I envision him as being a dual threat RB/WR in NE's offense, who would serve as a backup to Maroney, the third down back, and sometimes lining up in the slot as a WR. I really like his ability, and think he'd be a very good weapon in NE's offense. May be available in the third-fourth rounds and it should also be noted Lorenzo's a willing pass blocker.)

    WR Chris Davis (If you watch him play he reminds you of recent NE WR's, and he just seems like a perfect fit. Davis has very good hands, runs crisp routes, has great change of direction ability, gets good separation, is good at finding the holes in zone coverage, good special teams ability, and seems like a high character guy. NE seems to be interested in drafting a WR, and I think Chris might be a better fit than WR's expected to go in higher rounds. Being able to get a WR in the fifth or sixth round who fits the offense so well would be a steal to me. Really, if you take the time to break his game down he could be a very good fit.)

    Anthony Spencer (I really like his pass rush, size, speed, and strength. I think Woodley could have more initial impact, though.)

    Brandon Meriweather (I like him, but don't want any Meriweather arguements in this thread. The crackdown on charactor will probably effect his draft stock, as well.)

    Melvin Bullitt (Interesting prospect, who's better than some might think. I also like his special teams play, and he might be a steal.)

    Zak DeOssie (He's got all the measureables, and intellect you want in your LB's, plus he's got very good bloodlines. I really see him as an OLB, and not as an ILB, though.)

    Anthony Waters (I like his style of play, and think he'd fit into a 3-4 defense very well. He seems to be recovering from his ACL, and could be a steal if he returns to form. )

    Desmond Bishop (very good run stuffer, who would play the Ted Johnson role in NE's 3-4 defense. He seems to be around the ball/play a lot, and seems to make big plays when needed. He's also a team leader and can play with a mean streak.)
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