Brian Hoyer ready...if

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by convertedpatsfan, Jan 1, 2011.

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  1. convertedpatsfan

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    Brian Hoyer ready... if -

    I hadn't realized Hoyer kept his helmet on at all times during the game. Kind of quirky, but I like it.

    Then again, maybe he's terrified of getting a concussion from an errant pass, like what happened to William Hayes of the Titans.

    The coaching staff must have a ton of confidence in Hoyer if they kept him as the only back-up even as an UDFA. Now in his second year, he seems to be developing behind the scenes. He's looked pretty good in the few flashes he's played, mostly last year's season finale against Texas.
  2. Lurks_All_Day

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    He's probably listening to the plays as they are called? That was my first thought.
  3. MoLewisrocks

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    He must be doing yeoman's work with the scout team while being the only backup, too. I hope he gets in for most of the second half and gets a shot at playing some with the ones. Would be nice to see some of the poise Cassel exhibited when given a shot to exhibit that against Miami back in 2005. I always knew after that he'd be viable if we ever needed him. Would really boost his value as a trading chip down the road too... In a 32 team league starved for functional QB talent two of the QB's Bill identified and developed as backups are leading their teams into the round of 12 playoffs.
  4. ctpatsfan77

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    They do have a QB3 on the practice squad, Jonathan Crompton.
  5. BlueString94

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    He's the next Matt Cassel, mark my words.
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