Brees battles madden curse

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    Saints fullback Heath Evans has told The Boston Globe that quarterback Drew Brees might have coped with a more serious injury than he or the franchise let on earlier this year.
    In a story scheduled to be published Sunday, Evans said Brees gutted through an injury that would have sidelined a lesser player.
    "Everyone knew he had some type of injury going on, but it was probably an MCL injury that no one else would have dared to play with and he didn't miss a beat," Evans is quoted as saying. "He was out there warring through for his teammates the betterment of our team. Lord knows we're nowhere near as good without (No.) 9 suited up for us. So I think the majority of some of those interceptions came during that span when he was really fighting through injuries that a lesser man would have shut it down and said, 'Forget the team, I'm worried about me and I don't want to get myself hurt worse.' He said, 'No, I'm not going to miss a practice snap much less a game snap.' I thought that those interceptions, at least some of them, came from throwing off one leg for six weeks."

    Boston Globe
    For up-and-down Saints, a super finish still possible - The Boston Globe
    New Orleans Saints bracing for four-down territory vs. Atlanta Falcons |

    Last person effected by curse was.

    Madden NFL 2010

    Co-cover athlete Troy Polamalu sprained his MCL in the season opener, missing three games

    "Among active quarterbacks, Drew Brees is tied with Tom Brady for 1st in touchdown passes with 31, third in overall passing yards with 4122, third in yards per game with 294.4, fifth in 40+ yard passing plays with 10, and leading the NFL with a 68.5% completion rate."

    Not bad for a one legged dude
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    One thing I would like to rant about. We are so sick of the media calling our QB a midget, its nuts. I mean 4 inches does not make you see better or give you some amazing new view on the football field. So there is little difference between Brees and a 6'4 QB.

    OH and media how about picking on Vick for awhile hes 6ft also, the exact same height as Brees.

    .rant complete
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