Breer's Tale of the Tape is Up

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by BelichickFan, Dec 27, 2006.

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    Excellent article.
    "The perfect example of how the Patriots adjust and adapt can come with the obvious — in the multitude of formations they’ve run this year — or the more subtle. Coming out of college, Maroney was thought to be a good fit for a zone running system. And that generally hasn’t been the Patriots’ way of playing offense, they’ve been more of a power running team. But it’s clear, again, that they’ll always adapt to their personnel, rather than the other way around. You won’t see as much of the outside zone runs (or stretch plays) with Maroney, because the Patriots’ offensive line isn’t built to do that consistently. But what was clear on Sunday was that when the rookie was in, the Patriots were dealing the Jags a heavy dose of inside zone runs, where the line influences the defense one way to create a backside cutback lane in the other direction. Though his touchdown came on what looked like a power off-tackle play, most of his other carries seemed to come on inside zone plays."

    Good coaching & game plan by the OC.
    And this...
    "The bunch formations, out of the spread, that the Patriots ran made it tough for Jacksonville to matchup and the receivers did a good job of clearing out coverage for an underneath target. The Jaguars linebackers simply couldn’t break on the ball quick enough after recognizing where the receivers were going. So credit goes to Josh McDaniels, for creating those matchups with Jacksonville’s plodding ‘backers"

    It's nice to read observations and critiques on the coaching and techniques by someone who has an understanding of football.
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    Wow excellent article/blog. It's kind of scary to read such a good piece of work when you get used to most of the drivel that is churned out by the both the national and local media.
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    Nice to see Wright get more props. The depth he provides will be key in the playoffs. The D-line with Seymour, Warren, Green, Wilfork, Wright, with Hill and Smith as emergency options.

    Thomas is playing well, yes, but why is everyone so quick to put down Watson? I think we need to play all 3. Have one of them help Light block the Merriman's or Suggs' of the world, then roll off the block for a possible screen. Protecting Brady will be of utmost importance vs. SD and Baltimore.
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    Interesting take, perhaps that is why we keep trying those off tackle plays that often do not look successful.. but when they are..
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    Splendid link!
    Almost can't get too much published analyses based on facts.
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    Most definitely agreed!
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    I seriously doubt that this is a true circumstance because the a certain OC would be credited for making some good adjustments and play calling. We all know that just cannot be true.
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    Exellent article. Wright:rocker:Rodney:rocker: Matt:(

    And who is this Josh McDaniels that he says came up with a good game plan?:rofl:
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    Thanks for sharing this, its great and a definite read,
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    My sentiments exactly! Props to Breer!
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    Thanks for the link,good article.

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