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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Deus Irae, Sep 6, 2010.

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  1. Deus Irae

    Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter

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    Well, the regular season is now upon us, and the Patriots first opponent will be the Cincinnati Bengals. I thought a thread breaking that team down would be a nice change from the back and forth about the state of the Patriots.

    And, just to get the ball rolling, I'll note that the Bengals starting quarterback is still Carson Palmer. His contract runs through 2014, but his base salary rises over the remaining years, including a base salary of $14 million in 2014. Once considered by many to be a rising star in the NFL, his post injury career has been a disappointment. After years with a QB rating of 101.1 and 93.9, his post injury ratings have been 86.7, 69.0 and 83.6. His touchdown percentage is lower, his interception percentage is higher and his record is under .500. He's going to need to get back to the "old" Carson, if he wants to avoid putting his deal in jeopardy. His lack of mobility post injury, combined with an offensive line that struggled in the exhibition season, should give the questionable Patriots pass rush a bit of an easier time come next weekend.

    This year, the team has surrounded him with the T.O./OchoCinqo combination at receiver and the promising Gresham at tight end. His running back, Cedric Benson, had a good year last year. Palmer's got some weapons, now it's up to him to produce.

  2. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    A few stats on the 2009 Cincinnati Bengals

    Team Offense
    19.1 Points per Game - 22nd
    309.1 Yards per Game - 24th
    4.9 Yards per Play - 24th
    18.4 1st Downs per game - 18th
    41% 3rd Down % - 13th
    114 Penalties - 27th (6th most)
    863 Penalty Yards - 26th

    Passing Offense
    60.0 Completion % - 20th
    29.8 Pass Attempts/Game - 27th
    2,890 Yards Passing - 26th (180 ypg)
    6.6 Yards per Attempt - 17th
    21 Passing Touchdowns - 16th
    13 Interceptions - 7th best
    36 Pass plays of 20+ yards - 26th
    5 Pass plays of 40+ yards - 25th
    29 Sacks - 9th best
    82.7 QB Rating - 17th

    Rushing Offense
    128.5 Yards per Game - 9th
    4.1 Yards per Attempt - 19th
    31.6 Rush Attempts/Game - 4th
    9 Rushing Touchdowns - 22nd
    109 Rushing First Downs - 10th
    17 Rushing plays of 20+ yards - 4th
    2 Rushing plays of 40+ yards - 14th

    Team Defense
    18.2 Points per Game - 6th
    301.4 Yards per Game - 4th
    4.9 Yards per Play - 3rd
    17.2 1st Downs per game - 5th
    39% 3rd Down % - 16th
    99 Penalties - 19th best
    767 Penalty Yards - 16th

    Passing Defense
    58.1 Completion % - 6th
    34.2 Pass Attempts/Game - 22nd fewest
    3,249 Yards Passing - 6th best (203.1 p/g)
    6.4 Yards per Attempt - 5th
    18 Passing Touchdowns - 8th fewest
    19 Interceptions - 9th
    41 Pass plays of 20+ yards - 9th
    6 Pass plays of 40+ yards - 8th
    34 Sacks - 16th
    73.6 Opponent QB Rating - 7th

    Rushing Defense
    98.3 Yards per Game - 7th
    3.9 Yards per Attempt - 5th
    24.9 Rush Attempts/Game - 7th
    12 Rushing Touchdowns - 14th
    95 Rushing First Downs - 17th
    5 Rushing plays of 20+ yards - 1st
    1 Rushing plays of 40+ yards - 5th

    32:29 Time of Possession - 5th
    0 Turnover Ratio - 18th
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  3. Rob0729

    Rob0729 Supporter Supporter

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    I think people may be judging the offense based on the names of the skills players. Would Carson Palmer, Chad OchoCinco, and Terrell Owens scare you three or four years ago? Of course. Do they now? Who knows. Palmer is still relatively young and was once considered elite, but that elbow injury could have forever ruined his arm and he may just be average. Both TO and Ochocinco had one of their worst years last year since they became stars. This could be a good offense for the young defense to get as a confidence builder since their actual ability may be far less than their reputation.
  4. everlong

    everlong Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

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    I agree this is a put up year and I've long had it with the apologists for Palmer who I really liked coming out of SC and thought he would have a monster career. The Bengals talent on offense especially their line has long been underrated. Now with those additions I cannot wait to hear the excuses should he fail. He's not an awful QB but I've often compared him on general NFL sites to Drew Bledsoe and you would think I said Hugh Millen. Drew is actually a pretty big complement for Palmer if you consider them at the same points in their careers.
  5. Gwedd

    Gwedd Supporter Supporter

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    Cedric Benson can be stopped. he may put up some yards on us, but he doesn't scare me as much as some others. Gresham is the key to their offense, IMHO. He's young and hungry and runs routes very well. TO and OC are good, but not as good as they once were. Both can have bursts of brilliance on the field, and will likely make some plays, but they are also both possessed with huge egos that will interfere with both team chemistry and, potentially, on-field performance. It's only a matter of time before one of them explodes over not getting the ball thrown their way enough.

    When the Bengals begin to falter, and I believe they will, particularly if they drop 2 or 3 of their first few games, then both of those receivers will start casting about for blame, and both will refuse to accept any responsibility for that. TO has a track record of setting up his QB for failure, and throwing anyone not named TO under the bus when things go bad.

    I think they will put up some points on us, but it won't be as close as folks think and New England will be feasting on Cincinnati Chilli all night long.

    YMMV, of course.

    PATSYLICIOUS Pro Bowl Player

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    I think we'll find a way to stop them. The matchup looks scary for our defense at the skill positions but their line is so bad I think we'll be able to handle it.

    Just 6 days away Deusy I can't wait
  7. AndyJohnson

    AndyJohnson Veteran Supporter

    Does anyone have an up to date depthchart to post?
  8. Crazy Patriot Guy

    Crazy Patriot Guy Third String But Playing on Special Teams

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    I think a key matchup for our defense will be whoever covers Shipley in the slot. He runs very good routes and could be a chain mover if we can't stick on him.
  9. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? Supporter

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    Having watched a little bit of the team last season and in the exhibition, it seems that our tight ends should present significant match-up problems for them. Their defense is soft and slow over the middle and it will only get worse if the Bengals play a Cover-2 to try to give their corners help with Moss and Tate. Gronk, Crumpler, and Hernandez should be able to take advantage of that. Speaking of Moss, I'm guessing that either Pacman Jones or Jonathan Joseph will be matched up with him. Either way, that's a great match-up for us. He should be able to have his way with either of them, which is why I'm expecting the Bengals to give their corners safety help over the top. I'm not seeing any one cornerback on the Bengals that can match up with Welker either. In all, I don't see our offense having a problem when it comes to moving the ball through the air. We might have problems with the ground game though. The Bengals were hard to run on in 2009 and I don't see any significant changes that should negatively impact their run defense.
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  10. eagle eye

    eagle eye In the Starting Line-Up

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    I think our offense will eat their defense, the Patriots will score big in this one.

    My worries are the D against the run and Shipley. I have a feeling they could put up a big score too. The deep threats Ochocinco and TO will keep the Patriots defense honest.
  11. jsull87

    jsull87 In the Starting Line-Up

    someone i have noted in pre season and was a guy i really liked in the 09 draft was michael johnson. He was a 1st rounder but rightly so was then downgraded but i still thought he was a talented 2nd rounder who slipped to the bengals in the 3rd round. They have moved him to linebacker and he has had i think 4+ sacks in the pre season starting with their ones. His knock was that he took plays off but was still extremely talented especially rushing the passer
  12. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    That was probably a decent comparison. Big arm, lacks intangibles, not mentally tough enough or personally accountable and not much of a geniune leader as a result. People forget he was after all a one year wonder under Norm Chow at USC. Ditto Leinart.

    Felger who blathered back in 2005 that he'd pick him over Brady if he was starting a team was trying to rekindle that kind of nonsense this week on Comcast...after avoiding being reminded of it like the plague for the last 4 years...

    He sat for a year, struggled through a sophomore season, had a breakout 3rd season and was rewarded prematurely, bounced back admirably from the acl and hasn't been remotely as good since. I think that's just who he is. A guy with a strong arm who can shine occasionally when all his stars align. Tough to afford to keep those guys on an even keel because they need too much help and luck and support on every level to justify their own existence eventually. I think Leinart is much the same only with a lesser arm and a lousy attitude and work ethic. Overhyped product of Pete's recruiting machine. Then there is the latest, the charming and charasmatic Sanchise. The backup may have been the best of the bunch in part because he'd never gotten to experience the adulation, but I'm beginning to wonder if even he can succeed apart from the situation he had here.

    The thing that seperates say Brady from these guys is he walked into a far less than ideal situation and made it work for everyone... As in his own way did Manning. Almost out of the gate and with consistency thereafter.
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  13. Intommywetrst

    Intommywetrst Practice Squad Player

    Luckily our defense has been practicing all summer against a guy (actually 2 guys) who are pretty good in the slot.
  14. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? Supporter

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    We'll probably struggle a little bit against their running game, but I think we can slow down their passing game considerably. Their starting offensive line has looked HORRIBLE so far this preseason in pass protection. We should be able to scheme up something to have Palmer running for his life.
  15. Patspsycho

    Patspsycho Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    Peerman makes me nervous. He is lightning fast. Did you see what he did in the past PS game?
  16. Crazy Patriot Guy

    Crazy Patriot Guy Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    #11 Jersey

    Who do we have as good as Jordan Shipley? (sarcasm)

    I'm a big UT fan and I loved watching him overcome his injuries early on in college and grow into a great football player. However, when I had fellow UT fans telling me before the draft that Shipley was already better than Welker, I simply said "Ummmmmm.........yyyeaaahhhhhhh."
  17. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? Supporter

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    Yeah, he's definitely their home run threat. He doesn't make me as nervous as I would have been in previous seasons, though, with Bruschi, Seau, and Co. This defense is inexperienced, but they are quick. As long as we control the outsides and force him back in, we should be alright.
  18. PatsSB

    PatsSB Rookie

    I agreed that Pats should attach the middle of their defense. Last year, Vikings did a pretty good job of doing that. While Hall/Joseph is a solid CB duo, better than McCourty/Butler, at least for now. Don't want to see Brady-to-Moss-longball against Hall/Joseph.
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