Breakdown of why McDaniels is the main reason for the loss....

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  1. Here is more detail on how McDaniels messed up.

    PATS 1st and 10 at the AZ 36, handoff to Ridley, gained one yard, Pats settled for a 46 yard field goal..................................

    PATS 1st and 10 at the AZ 19, handoff to Ridley for three yards, Pats settled for a 34 yard field goal..................

    .PATS 1st and 10 at the Arizona 35, after an incomplete pass on first down, on 2nd and 10 McDaniels called a running play, out of the shotgun, to Woodhead for NO GAIN....Pats settled for a 53 yard field goal....


    The Pats strength is their passing game, not the running game, and yet McDaniels went away from strength to use weakness......

    And, there are many other situations similar to these.....

    Sure, they should have made the field goal at the end to win, but they never would have been in that situation, IMO, had it not been for Mcdaniels piss poor play calling.

    This one really hurt. But, it is over. We lost and now I will move on..... This one really hurt.
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  2. mgteich

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    NEM has returned.
  3. PatsWickedPissah

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    Yet another bad thread spewed by Linder
    An amazing performance by a newbie
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  4. JackBauer

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    So...we lost the game because they gave it to Ridley on first down?


    I agree the draws to Woodhead were ill-advised, particularly given the state of the OL play. And while I wasn't particularly impressed with McD's performance, he was hardly the reason they lost. They lost because they didn't execute on offense or special teams. Period.
  5. BradyManny

    BradyManny Pro Bowl Player

    Really hurt? Let's walk off the ledge. Really hurt is when you spend months defending the team's integrity to the rest of this idiot nation and have to watch them fall a play short of football history to your rival city. Really hurt is when you have a chance to redeem that pain somewhat, have it in your grasp, feel what it feels like, and then have it ripped away from you when the two best players on your team can't connect on a wide open play.

    Losing a non-division game in week 2 of a long NFL season when no other team in the AFC is really impressing does not really hurt. If I can take anything positive that the horrors of SB42 & SB46 brought to my overly sports-obsessed life, its at least having sports-perspective.

    I'm unphased by this regular season loss. Re: McDaniels, the only playcall I didn't like was the pitch to Woody on 3rd down that took them out of FG range. That's about it. The rest all come down to execution. If we block the players, if the players catch the ball, we are talking about what a genius McD is today.
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  6. PrairiePat

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    You keep saying this (on your hundreds of threads on the same subject), but I don't believe you any more :)

    Let me guess... the runs where we gained yardage were good calls then? :rolleyes:
  7. Froob

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    Why couldn't McDaniels call a play that made the O-Line block? Burn him at the stake!
  8. JJDChE

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    Ridley averages 5+ ypc for his career. Giving it to him on 1st and 10 in most cases is the RIGHT play call.

    God, there is so much wrong with that post, I can't even get into it.
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  10. Deus Irae

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    Perhaps thread starting privileges need to be more limited....
  11. PatsSox363804

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    We lost the game because Welker dropped a pass and then a punt was block, neither of which have anything to do with McDaniels. Sure there were other factors but when you get right down to it those plays back to back are what gave AZ the game. Also, we lost the game because Brady threw a pass without a clear lane, we gave AZ 10 points essentially and lost by 2.
  12. Brady_to_Moss

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    Thread ignore!
  13. ATippett56

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    The daughter of NEM has learned well from her father.
  14. PATSNUTme

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    Did McDaniels call the running play that Woodhead took it to the house only to be called back by a "holding" penalty on Gronk?

    If you are going to "breakdown" (did you get permission form Glen Ordway to use that term:D) JM play calling, then you might want to include the plays that worked.
  15. BradyFTW!

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    ... what? Running the ball on first down is why we lost? If I blame McDaniels for anything, it's trying to run behind a right side of the line that was clearly overmatched. As the game went on, the Pats weren't great about adaping to the reality of the matchups on the field, but I don't see how you could look at that and blame McDaniels, of all people, first and foremost. Blame the players who weren't performing.

    Also, I dunno if you noticed, but on the whole Ridley had a very good game yesterday. His success is also what set up the play-action pass, which gave the Patriots a couple of good deep shots that, unfortunately, didn't work out due to lack of execution.

    Being 1-1 sucks, but the Pats were 5-3 at one point last season, and this was an out-of-conference game. Not the end of the world.
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  16. Triumph

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    I was fine giving the ball to Ridley because the Pats set up plays off the run and every run doesnt have even gain yards to be effective.

    Changing to Woody was puzzling though.

    I agree. The playcalling needs to get better. Hernandez getting hurt should matter either.
  17. SVN

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    Just a week ago people were welcoming JMcd with open arms ..amazing...
  18. goheels22002

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    Sorry if you've read this on other threads, but execution is why they lost.

    8 penalties, 4 sacks, one blocked punt, one interception and several dropped passes, three in particular (Welker, Lloyd and Gronkowski), cost them this game. That's 17 plays with a screw-up of one kind or another.

    I disagree about the running plays. They ran the ball 28 times and threw it 46. The Patriots balance was fine run to pass.

    They lost 99 yards on the four sacks and the 8 penalties. That stuff kills you.

    Somebody else did a nice job pointing out that the Cardinals racked up ten points on two "drives" totaling 9 yards - the Brady interception for 3 and the blocked punt for 7.

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  19. mgteich

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    Not amazing, just normal and to be expected

  20. JJDChE

    JJDChE 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    They should have run more in the second half.
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