Branch wants Reggie Wayne Money?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by TBonePatsFan, Sep 1, 2006.

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    I love Deion and personally would prefer him over Wayne, but what makes him think he deserves the same DOLLARS.

    Look at the stats over the last three years:
    Year: Games: Receptions: Yards: TDs:
    2005 16 83 1055 5
    2004 16 77 1210 12
    2003 16 68 838 7
    Total: 48 228 3103 24

    Year: Games: Receptions: Yards: TDs:
    2005 16 78 998 5
    2004 9 35 454 4
    2003 15 57 803 3
    Total: 40 170 2255 12

    Wayne is PLUS 8 Games; Plus 58 Receptions: PLUS 848 Receiving Yards; PLUS 12 TDs.

    The numbers aren't all that close!!!

    I realize Brady spreads the ball around, but, so do Peyton. Marvin Harrison's still catching a lot of balls!!!

    Someone needs to remind Deion that one Pro-Bowl type season isn't what gets you the big contract. It's consistency! Consistency in getting open (even when double teamed). Consistency in staying healthy and on the field, and consistency in putting the damn ball in the endzone!

    The more I think about it, the contract was more than fair and generous!
  2. TBonePatsFan

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    47 views and no replies?

    Anyone agree that his #s don't justify the money he's asking for?
  3. AndyJohnson

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    You simply cannot judge WRs by #s.
    Reggie Wayne is a product of the offense he plays in. They throw it all the time. They USED TO have the advantage of play action with James.
    They have an excellent passing scheme that creates wide open opportunites for him. Hint when you see a WIDE open WR, its the desing of the play, not the ability of the WR that creates it 99% of the time.

    What Branchs #s would be playing in that offense, or Waynes playing in one that is more concerned with protecting a lead that building the Qbs stats would be drastically different. It is just not apples and oranges.

    2 side points. One, yes WRs are typically paid for production, but BB more than anyone pays ability and future over numbers, Second, the one thing you do illiustrate is whether the player can stay healthy, however using 3 seasons that include one guy being injured in one and the other guy isnt a real predictive sample. Very arguably you could factor back in those 8 missed games (and in 2004 Branch missed parts of others) and the numbers would be very close. Its hard to say you predict that the difference between the 2 players is that Branch will continually miss 1/6th of his games and Wayne won't because Branch is prone to being injured by being steamrolled by his own OL running him over chasing a fumble.
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    Just because you are late to the table doesn't mean the rest of us didn't discuss this to death a month ago. We are a month beyond this discussion tonight. ;)
  5. Branch is a retard!
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    We're gaining ground rapidly! :D
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    Obviously you've never seen me. If you had you'd know I'm never late to the table :)
  8. WV-Colt

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    are you serious?

    lets take a look at the truth for a second. over the last three years, peyton manning (and the offense that throws the ball "all the time") has attempted 1516 passes. tom brady has attemted 1531 passes over the exact same time. you wanna stretch it back another year? the numbers then become 2132 for brady and 2107 for manning. are wayne's numbers a product of a pass-happy offense, but branch is penalized by brady not throwing the ball?
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    Please do not use facts:)
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    Nice contribution WV! Keep it up!:)

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